Kragens - Dying In A Desert (Song by Song)

With: Renaud Espeche [Vocals]
Conducted by: Jeff
Published: 26.04.2004

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Album info: Dying In A Desert

01. Dying In A Desert
02. Carnivore Ritual
03. Kragens
04. Fear
05. Lord Of Chaos
06. Metal Hunter
07. Satan The Killer
08. Nightmare
09. Road Warrior
10. World Made Of Heroes
11. Rise Up Your Fist To Fight
12. Destroying The Temple

01. Dying In A Desert:
A song about this paradox : we live in a busy, crowdy world of communication, but we often feel the first degree, it's about the war in Irak. It's a very brutal song, with a sensitive guitar solo.

02. Carnivore Ritual:
I wanted to tell how a cannibal think and feel ! Fast and furious !

03. Kragens:
A song wrote in german about the Kragens, submarine monsters, and us, metal knights...

04. Fear:
This is about a soldier could feel before fighting. I think the fear give a help.

05. Lord Of Chaos:
A few oniric words about us, as we are the Lords of Chaos !

06. Metal Hunter:
I wanted to write about the metal fans, compare to the minors that were seeking for gold.

07. Satan The Killer:
It's about Hell and bad psycotic dreams.

08. Nightmare:
I think something is leading our bad dreams...

09. Road Warrior:
Inspired by Mad Max !

10. World Made Of Heroes:
Inspired by the Appollo 13 drama.

11. Rise Up Your Fist To Fight:
Sometimes, living together is impossible, you have to fight the fools...

12. Destroying The Temple:
Against the consumer society, using the story about Jesus fighting the Temple traders. Now the new temple is the Mall...


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