Aarni - Bathos (Song by Song)

With: Master Warjomaa
Conducted by: Azhidahak
Published: 22.11.2004

Band profile:

Album info: Bathos

01. Ονειροσκόπος (Oneiroskopos)
02. Squaring The Circle
03. Quinotaurus (Twelve Stars In Sight)
04. Kivijumala
05. V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
06. The Thunder, Perfect Mindfuck
07. Mental Fugue
08. Niut Net Meru
09. Kesäyö

A short and mellow intro track. The Greek title translates as "dreamscope" and back in '98 was one of the original band name suggestions for Aarni.

02. Squaring The Circle:
This song may be musically the most " traditional doomish" one on the record. After the intro part, this is literally a three-chord song. The needless and tasteless outro guitar solo is mainly meant as a joke. The lyrics deal with the individuation process using alchemical and magickal terminology.

03. Quinotaurus:
A shortish song about the origins and agenda of the EU…perhaps? If sought, hidden information could be found in the lyrics.

04. Kivijumala:
A lenghty Fennougric folk instrumental, done in the best/worst Kalevala style. One possible translation for the Finnish title is "Stone God". The track and its booklet art were inspired by the esoteric correspondences of element Earth and by the human-shaped cliff in Eastern Finland, where the first Stone Age rock paintings were discovered by Jean Sibelius.

05. V.I.T.R.I.O.L.:
A very relaxed, Twin Peakish and old song of mine featuring alchemical/Jungian lyrics, flute and clean guitars.

06.The Thunder, Perfect Mindfuck:
The only song on the album with growled vocals, perhaps also the most clichéd in a metal sense for the main part. The lyrics were largely inspired by the Gnostic texts discovered at Nag Hammadi. The outro part is meant to have a jazzy/progressive/spaced-out feel to it. Ride the snake…

07.Mental Fugue:
Another instrumental, with embedded spells and flamenco-like/neoclassical experimentation. Truth be told, this track was written rather quickly to replace a 20-minute song I originally inteded to include, but ran into album space restrictions. Maybe we'll hear it on the next record…

08.Niut Net Meru:
Translates as "City Of Pyramids". This track deals with initiation and illumination veiled in Ancient Egyptian, Thelemic and Discordian imagery. The verse riffs are intentionally arhytmical, meaning that the instruments play in concert but not to a fixed tempo. This is a feature I wish to further implement in Aarni's future material. The song is sung in Old/Middle Kingdom Egyptian as befits the Oriental-style music…drawing the booklet hieroglyphs was perhaps the biggest single task in the making of the album

The Finnish title translates as "Summer Night". A long and trippy Kalevala instrumental, intended for listening in an expanded state of bodymind.

There you go, brief but to-the-point, I hope…



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Oh, I SERIOUSLY want this album!
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