Firewind - Forged By Fire (Song by Song)

With: Gus G. [Guitars]
Conducted by: Malcolm
Published: 22.01.2005

Band profile:

Album info: Forged By Fire

01. Kill To Live
02. Beware The Beast
03. Tyranny
04. The Forgotten Memory
05. Hateworld Hero
06. Escape From Tomorrow
07. Feast Of The Savages
08. Burn In Hell
09. Perished In Flames
10. Land Of Eternity
11. I Confide [Japanese bonus]
+ Tyranny [video]
+ Firewind Documentary / Burning the Earth Live 2004 [video]

01. Kill to Live:

Very 80s Ozzy - type influenced song. Heavy riffing, rock n' roll solos and great vocals!

02. Beware the Best:

The main riff was written by Bob our keyboard player! Chitty reveals his Dio infuelces. A really cool metal song.

03. Tyranny:

The "hit single" of the album. We also did a video for this. It's more of an "arena rock" song, very catchy. I love to play it live!

04. The Forgotten Memory:

Heavy riff on the intro, but a great melodic chorus with amazing choir arrangement. Features a solo by one of my all time favourite guitarists: James Murphy. (ex- Death, Obituary)

05. Hateworld Hero:

A song influenced a lot by Sabbath's "Headless Cross" and "Tyr" albums. This is a classic hard rock song with great harmonies on the vocals on the chorus spot.

06. Escape from Tomorrow:

Although it will make u think it's a typical Euro power metal song, the verse contains some amazing and very emotional chords that definitely make the difference. So, u can say that it's power metal a la Firewind!

07. Feast of the Savages:

A more modern sounding song, and…it's an instrumental! We always include an instrumental on our albums and this one is very special cause Marty Friedman (x- Megadeth) is doing 2 solos. His Japanese sounding scales at the end of the song, give me the goose bumps!

08. Burn in Hell:

The main riff is influenced a lot from Annihilator. The lyrics are about Hitler and the things he did to humanity. I like the chorus a lot, cause it's more 70s Deep Purple style and makes a cool combination between modern riffing and classic Rock.

09. Perished in Flames:

That's a page straight our of Sabbath's book!! You can hear my Tony Iommi influences and Chitty's performance is excellent. Chitty and me wrote and recorded this song out of the blue in just one evening! When inspiration strikes…

10. The Land of Eternity:

OK, this is totally Scorpions and Def Leppard hehe! The lyrics are about Chitty's homeland, Sri Lanka. It feels almost as if he predicted the disasters that recently happened. A very emotional song, and one of my favourite Firewind tracks.

11. I Confide (Japanese Bonus Track):

This is an acoustic song and we also composed it very quickly when we were feeling very inspired. The lyrics are about the fans and the love that they give to the artist. This song is dedicated to them.


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