Nocturnal Rites - New World Messiah (Song by Song)

With: Fredrik Mannberg [Guitars]
Conducted by: Malcolm
Published: 12.02.2005

Band profile:

Nocturnal Rites
Album info: New World Messiah

01. New World Messiah
02. Against The World
03. Avalon
04. Awakening
05. Egyptica
06. Break Away
07. End Of Days
08. The Flame Will Never Die
09. One Nation
10. Nightmare

01. New World Messiah:

- Fast and cachy. Melodic intro riff which turns into a soft part and Jonny sings with a softer voice. The everything starts double bass drums bla bla... typical power metal with alot of guitar parts in the middle of the song.

02. Against the World:

- One of my favourite songs on this album. It´s a slower song with a cool melodic riff. Very heavy verse and a majestic chorus. Very "easy" song to listen to. Our second video song.

03. Avalon:

- This is a fast song again. The chorus is from a song that was a "leftover" from the "Shadowland" cd. A really good chorus in my opinion. The middle part is a more "jamming" part and Norberg plays some cool solos. Our third video song.

04. Awakening:

- Mid tempo song and alot of peoples favourite song i think Starting with a cool thrash based riff. Big chorus and once again alot of melidies in the middle. Our first video song.

05. Egyptica:

- I guess the title speaks for itself. A really heavy song. This song is standing on it own feets on this record. Really cool one.

06. Break Away:

- A really cool beginning of the song. A riff played on the 7th string. Once again...melodic chorus... guitar melodies...

07. End of Days:

- A sort of fast/slow song, fast chorus and a slower verse.

08. The Flame Will Never Die:

- A heavy song and very easy to attract. A soft verse and everything comes on the chorus.

09. One Nation:

- Melodic intro...mid tempo with some evil heavy shit in the middle. Catchy chorus...Metal...

10. Nightmare:

- Mid tempo triplet song Once again a big cool chorus. Heavy riffs meets melody. Good song.. just like all the songs on this album. Right, Mikael?;)


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