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Dark Moor - Beyond The Sea (Song by Song)

With: Enrik Garcia
Conducted by: Malcolm
Published: 04.03.2005

Band profile:

Dark Moor
Album info: Beyond The Sea

01. Before The Duel
02. Miracles
03. Houdini's Great Escapade
04. Through The Gates Of The Silver Key (Interlude)
05. The Silver Key
06. Green Eyes
07. Going On
08. Beyond The Sea
09. Iulius Caesar (Interlude)
10. Alea Jacta
11. Vivaldi's Winter [bonus]
12. The Sea [bonus]
13. The Mysterious Maiden [bonus]

01. Before the Duel:

This song is about the feelings of a man the night before the day he maybe has to die because he must fight in a duel. Is a song about fear, hope and honour.

02. Miracles

It is a dialogue between a God and a man. Alfred wrote that lyric and is a little bit personal.

03. Houdini's the Great Escapade

It is a very heavy metal song with great drumming work, pay attention to the double bass. I personally like it a lot,
Alfred sings like a possessed bastard, he really tears his throat off.

04. Through the gates of the Silver Key (Interlude)

05. The Silver Key

We can say these are two songs in one. It is about The Myths of Cthoolhoo by H. P. Lovecraft. I love that writer and know all his books. They are heartrending.

06. Green Eyes

This ballad is based in a story of Gustavo Adolfo Becker, one of the best Spanish storytellers. A man sees two beautiful women eyes in the depths of a lake and he falls in love with them. He finally dies drowning in waters hypnotized by those eyes.

07. Going on.

We wanted to pay tribute with this song to one of the greatest bands of the world. The four members of the band we are all fans of Iron Maiden, so we wanted to do a song in a good "old Iron Maiden" song way but keeping the "Dark Moor" essence.

08. Beyond the Sea

Beyond the Sea: The song which gives name to the album. In a metaphoric way, is about life and death.

09. Iulius Caesar (Interlude)

10. Alea Jacta

Another song and his prelude. Imagine the wind running through the battlefield and the troops ready to start the combat. Julius Caesar is on top of a hill taking his army to the victory.

11. Vivaldi's Winter (Bonus Track)

We use to play on the live performances
"The Turkish March" by Mozart and it worked very well. We wanted to record a piece of classical music and liked Vivaldi's Winter. The orchestra is exactly the same than Vivaldi wrote, we only changed the principal violin by the guitar, and we added bass and drums.


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