Altered Aeon - Dispiritism (Song by Song)

With: Henrik [Drums]
Conducted by: Deadsoulman
Published: 04.03.2005

01. Dispirited Chambers
02. The Resonance Of Form In Transition
03. Desensitizer
04. Behind The Lodge Door
05. Patriots Of Sin (Aeternum Essentia)
06. Carpe Noctem
07. Dreamscape Domain
08. Oath To Endure
09. Light Creates Shadows
10. Transcendence Duology

Dispirited Chambers:
The opening track for both the demo and album, it's hard to beat the intensity of that intro so it was the perfect opener in both cases! Lyrically it is about breaking free from the negative aspects of the collective subconsciousness of humanity.

The Resonance Of Form In Transition:
This was the last song I wrote for the album and we didn't even have time to rehearse it properly before entering the studio. The album-version is killer though and it's probably my fave-track off the album. The lyrics are really about the same thing as the first song, waging a war on dispiritism and embracing a strong world-view that helps you instead of holds you back!

Musically this song is weird and it's a typical example of me trying to do something original and different. The basic story-line for the lyrics was something that Kjell came up with and I wrote the lyric according to his idea. It's about a project gone horribly wrong and the result of that very project returns to its creators- screaming for vengeance.

Behind The Lodge Door:
This is as close to a hit-song as you get on this album, it's almost a normal song structure and everything, ha ha! The lyrics deal with freemasons and you get to read about a rite of initiation and the true purpose of this freemasonic cult. It's got a fair share of conspiracy theory in it.

Patriots Of Sin (Aeternum Essentia):
It was with this song we found the sound we wanted for Altered Aeon, this song became the stepping stone into the current musical approach of this band. The lyrics is about past and present day witches, but the core of the lyric is really about being different and being punished for it. In the past they burned witches on the stake physically but these days the so-called normal people are more subtle, they burn people who are different on the stake mentally instead.

Carpe Noctem:
This song is a straigthforward piece, the middle-section was actually added right before we entered the studio to make a bit less straightforward. Before that it was just totally in-your-face but I figured we could add some more shit to it to make it a bit more interesting. The lyrics is really about entering a different state of awareness, late at night, alone.

Dreamscape Domain:
Among the songs on the demo this song was by far the most complex one, it was hard to get through it in rehearsals back then but now it's one of the songs that are the easiest to play! Perhaps because we spent extra time on it back in the day… Anyway, the lyrics is about leaving the body and enter the world of dreams which is really no less "real" than the waking reality. You're there, you experience it- what's the difference?

Oath To Endure:
This song is one of the most technical ones on the album and it has a lot of weird shit going on in it musically. Lyrically it's about dealing with the strife of living a human life and constantly fighting to manifest your dreams into physical reality.

Light Creates Shadows:
This song has the same title as the demo but it wasn't on the demo, strange huh? This was actually the first song I wrote after the demo had been recorded in 2003, pretty straightforward until the middle-section sets in… Lyrically it's expressing contempt towards those who claim to have an ultimate truth that everyone must follow, whatever that truth may be.

Transcendence Duology:
OK, the last song on the demo and the last song on the album (if you don't count the bonus tracks), we stick with a certain formula, don´t we? Anyway, this is probably the fastest song on the album and it simply deals with suicide and crossing over to another plane of existence.


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