Dreamaker - Enclosed (Song by Song)

With: Carlos Peña [Bass]
Conducted by: Malcolm
Published: 05.03.2005

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Album info: Enclosed

01. I Live My Own Life
02. Reverse Universe
03. Over The Edge
04. Living In Fear
05. The End Of Your Suicide
06. Innocent Blood
07. W.W 666
08. Face To Face
09. Enclosed
10. Perfect Soul
11. Take Me Higher
12. Promised Heaven
13. So Far Away From Home [Japanese bonus]

01. I Live My Own Life:

Aggressive and with a very good refrain. The message of this song is that I live my own life... don't try to control me.

02. Reverse Universe:

Reverse Universe is the single of the album. I love this song, very modern and original. This song expresses the anger that I feel when they speak of me to the back.

03. Over the Edge:

Very hard song with a very sticky refrain and good guitar solo. Speak about the lies that a person want to tell me and I don't want to listen.

04. Living in Fear:

Heavy and melodic song that Albert and I sing. Very good keyboards! This song speak about my fears...

05. The End of Your Suicide:

A song very comercial in my opinion. This song speak about the help that I give to a girl who only sees the end of her life.

06. Innocent Blood:

One of my favorites songs. Faster, aggressive and with a very hard lyric that speak about a madman who kill children.

07. W.W.666:

Heavy metal song with a message for the president of USA...

08. Face to Face:

Half a time where Albert and I sing. This song speaks about the force that I have to fight

09. Enclosed:

Aggressive song that speak about my sentiments when I feel enclosed in myself.

10. Perfect Soul:

I love this short song that speak about the sensation that I have on having known that I am not perfect but fight day by day to be better.

11. Take me Higher:

Beautiful song (like a ballad). The message of this song is very positive.

12. Promised Heaven:

The last song of the album is a conversation with god, I do questions that he must to answer.


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