Rex Devs - Zodiaco (Song by Song)

With: Guzman (Drums), Santi (Guitar)
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 18.07.2005

01. Preludio
02. Aries
03. Tauro
04. Geminis
05. Cancer
06. Leo
07. Virgo
08. Libra
09. Escorpio
10. Sagitario
11. Capricornio
12. Acuario
13. Piscis
14. Reflexion

01. Preludio:

At the begging of time, in ancient teaching, it was said that the only way to understand the Universe and the continuous human evolution in it, is understands the celestial influence on us.
The relationship between men and astral body is very ancient. In Paleolithic age people used to take up a star; and Persian, Asirius, Egyptians and Greeks were famous teachers in Astrology and thanks to them, we can know that all things have got a reason, and all things are part of an order inside their free will. In this way we know that chances don't exist, every thing happens by something reason.

Zodiac is a strong identification mark of our mood and our personality. Zodiac goes with us every life although we don't want, and although we don't develop it.

In the next twelve songs you can listen to music composed to each zodiac sign, emphasizing the most important characteristics that each sign have got. For example, sudden changes of humor of Gemini, the punctilious perfection of Virgo, etc.
Without more preambles, we leave, that everyone listens and take their own conclusions of this disc. Only say that people who want to listen to this CD as another one: do it, and people who have more curiosity: This disc is full of valuable information that affect us

02. Aries:

Aries is the initiator of spring; it's the first zodiac sign.
It represents the beginning of life, its element is the fire, and it represents the vital spark that lights the flame.
Its mood is impulsive and full of life of course.

At the beginning of the song we can distinguish clearly, drums as a beat heart, in that case inside the mother's womb: It's the life prepare to start; its speed increase as if it would be ready to leave out.
When the new life sees the light, appears a warm and radiant tune and adapt itself in a rhythm that show us the first cares of individual existence.
When this is end, we watch an other birth: now, it's the sign of Aries, plenty of life and fire, restless, anxious of experiences, he shakes quickly until he falls again in a heart beat, but now stabilized and inside of an individual person, with own personality.

03. Tauro:

Stabillizator of spring is the balance and materialism sign. Taurus is calm and firm in everything that it does. It's very difficult that someone change it, but when someone obtain it, Taurus will untie the worst of its anger, but everything refined by the fine and sensual caress of Venus.

The song is based on its forcefulness, beautifying with Venus Goddess of Beauty and Love.
Its common sense appears in the first part of the song, but its anger emerges without control, although luckily its own good will, control it.

Later, Venus takes hold of the circumstances filling the atmosphere of beauty and sensuality, giving harmony, but quickly appears another fury attack; Taurus can't control it and emerge the dark side of Venus.

04. Géminis:

It changes from spring to summer. It's the most dual sign by nature, but it hasn't got two personalities, it could enclose several personalities without know how much are there "two, three, five…", Its duality is pronounced in their representative Castor and Polux, therefore one day it can talk with the major good sense of the world, and on the following day seem to stay in other contrary position. We only are sure that with a Gemini, who knows!

Its element is the air, and like it, the song starts with an agitated and uncontrolled rhythm, with continuous changes, and without breathing. The lyric represent the inside of a Gemini head; changeful, sometimes contradictory, but always active.
Successively we enter in other part of its reasoning. The look stays firm and its face paralysed, sign of he is dreaming awake, although it could be follow the conversation its mind is very far of its body.

Past the trance we get the end of this song, where Gemini shows as which are their intentions, and one of its great secrets…

05. Cáncer:

This sign begins the summer. Cancer is one of the most sensible Zodiac sign. As a crab, Cancer has got strong armour that protects and defends him, but if we look inside, we discover a sensible and tender interior.
On conclusion; the person who's Zodiac sign be Cancer, has got a strong and difficult appearance that a few people will understand, but, really, is a creature extremely tender.

It is a water sing, very influenced and close knit with the moon. It is easy to deduce that Cancer could be very romantic poets, although it could lose control in full moon…

The first part of the song describes its personality, emphasizing its most detailed characteristics. For example its tendency in remind the past and lose it in its thinking mumbling how could be life and how it mustn't be.
Later, and because its regent is The Moon, starts a description of influences that provoke each moon-stage (new moon, crescent, full moon and waning)

06. Leo:

Stabillizator of summer, Lion is a person with a king attitude, with a strong personality that it always tend to superimpose as a necessity above the others. Its opinion and its ideas are the best, and if Lion try to control its ego, it used to be so usually. Its regent is the Sun and its element is the fire, concretely the steady, strong and full of energy- fire. It's pure energy.

The most outstanding of the song is its continuous force, full of force since the beginning until the end.
In the beginning of the song its power is high and Lion is conscious of that, but it commit a serious mistake: it become itself in its own energy consumer that which untie their worst fears that take hold of its inside, but little by little lion understand the good that there are in every person and the importance of help them and relay on them.

07. Virgo:

From summer to autumn. Virgo is very perfectionist and methodical. Virgo isn't virginal or demure. They are very careful, and extremely exact.
They have got "their feet on the floor". They tend to suffer nerves because their mind use to think of owe.
The song describes a pianist and a singer; they don't live happy (Virgo use to be depressive) Virgo neither do find it, and it decides to sleep, and in the dream, it ear a tune that full its heart. Inevitably Virgo reminds the dream. Virgo thinks a lot in the happiness when it can be looking for it

08. Libra:

Initiator of autumn, Libra is the beauty sign governed by Venus. It hasn't got that sensual influence that Taurus has. Simply is beauty in pure state.
Its charm resides in its equity when it has to share, its advices when there is a problem, or its justice in any case. But be careful because its virtue could be its defect, equally the balance. Libra is the equilibrium but at the same time, could be the unbalance. It must find the adequate answer, with caution, without rashness.
As a sign of air, it's mentally very active.

This is the only instrumental song, because if had had any word to describe the beauty simply would have minimized. In this song there are only beauty, balance and beauty.

09. Escorpio:

Scorpio is the stabillizator of the Autumn. We mustn't be fear for this sign.
Scorpio is a water sign. It represents quiet and static water. Scorpio is like the water that it represents; with difficultly to impress.
This sing is calm and conscious of that it is when it does something bad or good.
Its advices use to be clear and direct. If you don't ear something, don't ask it.

The song starts with a great example of sincerity, Scorpio is giving an advice.
Next, Scorpio makes bad use of its energy and the fury takes hold of its, and the only solution, is consume that energy, to reborn again with its strengths clean and renew.

10. Sagitario:

When we pass from autumn to winter, we meet with the most representative sign of freedom. It is a fire sign that represent an uncontrolled and big fire. It is Sagittarius.
Its mood uses to be adventurous, intrepid, risk and, in general, a traveler looking for new spiritual or material experiences.
It has got a great sincerity like Scorpio, but its sincerity uses to be more roughly and cutting that its predecessor, but never with bad intention.
Sagittarius is a centaur, a creature between a man and an animal. Middle angel "spiritual" and middle beast "material" and the mix is which tenses the arc "their desires" to throw the arrow "its destiny". During the song, Sagittarius beginning to understand that it is the owner of its destiny.

11. Capricornio:

Winter is started by this sign, a land sign, and like the Earth, shelter the life inside it, protecting it of cold. Capricorn is hardworking, disciplined and tenacious, it never give up in its aim, that is use to be concrete. Capricorn is realist in the way of gets their desires.
May be it turned in a dead bored, lonely and unfeeling person, but with courage it could be an out going and successful person.

The song is perfectly structured (like Capricorn life), it starts with a quite rhythm, symbol of its honour and patient, and next, starts to follow one another the tenacity and discipline. In the song these attributes are orderly: First patient, next work and discipline, patient again, next tenacity and discipline, appear the patient again, and in the end follow work, discipline and tenacity. The result: The waited success, that Capricorn has with its infallible formula.

12. Acuario:

Aquarium stabilizes winter. It's an original and free sign, with an independent soul; maybe inconstant, (because when it found the secret, he leaves it) and swerves (because it lose itself in thoughts).
But really they are genius inside them; a mix between genius and madness; because the genius without control turns to madness.

Its best problem is that it has a great future vision, and it is usually incomprehensible in its time, so that it uses to escape in its thoughts. Although it loves be with people.

A quality of that sign is its fluidness of thought.

The song starts with a rhythm that goes on until the song finishes. The time doesn't change because it represents that flow of its mind.
The rest of the song try to explain secretes about that sign, because we are in the Aquarius Age, and it's the moment to awake something about ourselves…

13. Piscis:

This sign changes from winter to spring. It has got a special gift to know by intuition in soul conditions. It is able to foretell future happenings. It is usually spiritual and mystic. You can meet it in a church, in a Tarot session or in similar places.
Its imagination is huge, and they will be good artists in every course.

Water signs use to be very personals, and the song starts creating that special ambient peculiar to it. First the song describes how conform to it is, but next it discovers itself talking to another voice (maybe a spiritual entity or maybe its own soul)…

14. Reflexión:

Last track. It is a compendium of everything what we have listened until now and a zodiacal reflection.


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