Subliminal Crusher - Antithesis (Song by Song)

With: Hatewerk [Guitars]
Conducted by: Jeff
Published: 18.10.2005

Band profile:

Subliminal Crusher
Album info: Antithesis

01. Fuck - Simile
02. Affection
03. Technocratic
04. I.R.A.Q.
05. Slavery
06. Fearbox
07. Unfertile Suggestion
08. Poetry
09. Into The Pit [Testament cover]


The opening track is also the fastest song of the whole record (together with UNFERTILE), it's been written by me (HatewerK) and gives a good hint of what the record is about: sheer speed and aggression! You can easily hear some influences by Pantera in the chorus riff, a very demanding yet funny song to play live. Lyrically it shows (like every song from the album) an antithesis, in this case between us and the fac-simile that society would like us to become.


Sometimes they come back… Affection has been hailed as the most catchy song from our previous EP "Life Drought", and we thought it would've been awesome to re-record it in full sonic glory and put it in our 1st official release… an anthemic song with a groovy chorus, full-headbanging track, sort of a Subliminal Crusher's "Creeping Death" still one of the highlights of our live shows, and one of the most cryptic lyrics from our singer Tooz (who handles all the lyrics' writing duties). Affection is not the only song we re-recorded during the Antithesis sessions, also "Life Drought" received the same treatment, but we decided not to put it in the record, since it would've tied us too much to the past (but if you listen closely to the ghost track in the record, you may recognize something familiar….)


First single! When Elvys brought this song at the rehearsals, we didn't know this song would become one of Subcrush's all-time classics, since it's not a typical SC song. Dark, fast, technological, merciless, it's about the antithesis between men and machines that "oppress and divide". While full of subtle voices and samples on the record, this song explodes on stage becoming a neckbreaker, especially in the mid-tempo sections and during the solo.

04. I.R.A.Q.

We need to get to track number 4 to find a typical SC, thrashy song. The lyrics are kind of viewed by the perspective of an Iraqi inhabitant who finds himself between the two warring factions, and while he despises terrorism, he can't help but think that rich nations are exploiting the lives of many just to put their hands on the natural resources, i.e. oil. Melodic (almost Swedish), with an epidemic main riff that you'll eventually end whistling under the shower, twin solo guitars, heavy and slow ending part.. an archetypal SC song.


With Slavery we have to get back 10 years to find the roots of this song, when me (HatewerK) and Tooz already played together in a band called SPK, actually a cover band, with only one original song called "Slavery", written by the two of us. Nowadays, the only thing that remains of the old version is the chorus and the epics of this slow-paced, heavy, emotional song. The finale reminds everyone of some of the old things by Machine Head, those sudden accelerations that make you stand up and run towards the stage! Lyrically it's the most personal piece of words that Tooz has ever written, it's about his ill mother.. I will always remember seeing Tooz starting to cry relentlessly performing this song live for the first time.


After the apparent moment of relative calm courtesy of "Slavery", we get back to SC trails with a full-on 80's thrash song by Jerico, simple, straight, short and "no-frills" - a sort of 2005's "Affection" but with more tempo changes and more riffs - it is also the last song written before the recording sessions, actually Tooz wrote the lyrics while we were recording guitars… We've started to play it live just recently, but reactions seem quite good so we'll hear more Fearbox from now on… Also note the LATINISM in the lyrics: "CONTENITOR" - we were sure this word existed in English, so we left it, but then we discovered it is NOT - so we're always saying "it's a LATINISM…" hehehhe J


The last 2 songs of the record are two of the earliest songs by Subliminal Crusher, written by Jerico, Rod and Elvys even before I joined the band, but after the recording of Life Drought - so it was obvious to include these earth-shaking, fast songs in the 1st full release… "Unfertile" is one of the fastest songs by SC, almost "TERROR-2000-style", sure to cause some slam dancing under the stage. Its ending part is directly tied to the beginning of…


..the last song of the record (and of our gigs too), features an almost hypnotic feel, with parts repeated many times in order to create tension before the final release… this trend is somewhat broken by the solos, which boast an almost bluesy and joyful feel, as to say "ok take a breath, we're good guys after all, we care about our audience" . Tooz pens his thoughts about the duality of life and fear, life and pain, life and struggling, trying to tell us that one can't exist without the other, like two faces of the same coin… and that in order to enjoy good things in life you have to know and experience bad things - simple concept but true.


What to say, about one of the most beloved thrash songs ever? We couldn't think of any better way to celebrate our love for the Bay Area than to pay homage to Testament, with a (hopefully) faithful yet personal rendition of this classic. The last chorus is intentionally left "a-la-karaoke", to push listeners to sing along with us once they get to see us live. Kudos to Testament for the immortal song, and eternal damnation to Skolnick for the awesome solo - it took me a full afternoon to record it!




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