Siebenbürgen - Darker Designs & Images (Song by Song)

With: Richard Bryngelsson [Guitars], Marcus Ehlin [Vocals, Guitars]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 22.10.2005

Band profile:

Album info: Darker Designs & Images

01. Darker Designs
02. Rebellion
03. As Legion Rise
04. A Crimson Coronation
05. Skuggor
06. Born Under A Black Sun
07. Of Blood And Magic
08. Remnants Of Ruin
09. Harvest For The Devil
10. Forged In Flames
11. Summoner Of The Unseen
12. A Nights Eternity [bonus]
13. Ut Ur Graven [bonus]

01. Intro:

Ehlin: This is the summoning of an ancient demon king. Spoken in primordial tongue, the words of the Elders shall spawn the night, and control the universe once again.

02. Rebellion:

Bryngelsson: Rebellion is all about emancipation and breaking the shackles that holds you down. It is about giving the finger to all and everything that want to keep you bound in chains and controlled. Rebellion is freedom and the unlimited power that it brings and the destruction that leaves in its wake. It is here that the summoned one enters and launch his dead armies upon the sleeping world.

03. As Legion Rise:

Ehlin: Death will heal!

04. A Crimson Coronation:

Bryngelsson: This song is about sacrifice and what it will eventually lead to.

05. Skuggor:

Ehlin: This song is performed in Swedish and deals mostly about death by suicide. The chorus goes something like : "The time that I have left, the flame that is unforgiving, purifies my dark mind, from insanitys horrors". Well something like that.

06. Born Under a Black Sun:

Ehlin: The eternal night of grim blessings as the dark one unleash his evils once again

07. Of Blood and Magic:

Bryngelsson: More stories about the summoned and his march towards victory, the power of blood and magic, seven stones and seven pacts. This one tells you more about his history.

08. Remnants of Ruin:

Ehlin: This song is about mating! The conception of Queen Nocturnia you might say.

09. Harvest for the Devil:

Bryngelsson: This track is about Queen Nocturnia, high priestess and ruler of a realm where shadows are born and no light dare enter.

10. Forged in Flames:

Bryngelsson: "Cold soul, shadow beast, arise as elder burns" our king is victorious on all fronts, the war is upon you take heed!

11. Summoner of the Unseen:

Ehlin: The wake of the battle, shadows fall and engulf. The dreamer will awaken!

12. A Nights Eternity:

Ehlin: Angels lament over a broken burning world.

13. Ut ur Graven:

Ehlin: Something has crawled up from the grave. It is famished and need to feedů


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