Beseech - Sunless Days (Song by Song)

With: Erik Molarin [Vocals]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 14.11.2005

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Album info: Sunless Days

01. Innerlane
02. The Outpost
03. A bittersweet Tragedy
04. Everytime I Die
05. Devil's Plaything [Danzig cover]
06. Lost
07. Last Obsession
08. Emotional Decay
09. Restless Dreams
10. The Reversed Mind

Hey there. Erik Molarin from Beseech here. When we make lyrics we have a couple of ways use to take. The first one is the personal ones, if I write lyrics it's straight from my heart, and very personal. And if we work together with the lyrics we often don't tell eachother what it's about from the beginning. So maybe Robert has an idea, and I see what he has been writing. But he doesn't tell me what it means to him. Then I try to help him with the lyrics from my point of view. And in the end the lyrics has more than one explanation. It makes it more interesting for everyone. both for us in Beseech and for the listeners... So the explanations of these songs will be from my point of view. And it's not more right than your personal view of the lyrics. Well well, hope you understand. Here we go.

01. Innerlane:

This song is about the feeling of guilt. Sometimes you feel guilty but you don't really know why. And you desperatly try to find out if you've done something wrong. Everything seems to be turning against you and everywhere you turn something bad will happen. And it doesn't help trying to run away from it.

02. The Outpost:

Imagine you've seen something that is almost impossible to explain. And you are making your best to explain it to someone. And you try to get in contact with what you see. That's what this song is about. I can't explain exactly what it is you see but you get the idea.

03. A bittersweet Tragedy:

For me this one is about someone taking so much control over people that it hurts everyone. And in the end it strikes back at him/her. You can see it in a political or religious way. But also you can put the scenario in an ordinary relationship between two people.

04. Everytime I Die:

Acually this song is a little bit inspired by the movie "Butterfly effect". It's about wanting to change what happens and you choose the worst possible ways to do so.

05. Devil´s Plaything (Danzig coversong):

I don't want to explain the lyrics to you because of obvious reasons. But I can tell you why we made a cover of it.
Since we made a cover of ABBA's "Gimme gimme gimme" we've been wanting to do another cover. We think it's interesting to make old songs in our own way. So the hunt began when we started to make songs for "Sunless days". Everyone in the band had their eyes and ears open for a song to make a cover of. And one day Manne showed up in the rehearsal-studio. And he had been watching music-videos the day before. He had seen "Devil's plaything" and he wanted us to make a cover of it. I think that everyone in the band loved the idea from the beginning. And after that we just started working on it. And we are really happy with the results.

06. Lost:

This song is made by Lotta and Mikael only. So maybe I shouldn't tell you too much about it. Lotta wrote the lyrics. But I know that both Lotta and Mikael were going through the same kind of problems in their lives. So I think she speaks for both of them.

07. Last Obsession:

When almost all hope is lost. And you don't have anyone to turn to, you start looking for a last way out. And that's what this song is about. It's about getting so obsessed that you can focus on anything else, and you don't see anything else than just that little thing that you think can change/save your life.

08. Emotional Decay:

This is one of my personal lyrics. It's about the darkest day in my life so far. And I think that the lyrics speaks pretty clearly.

09. Restless Dreams:

I got some inspiration from the videogame "Silent Hill 2" when writing this one. But it's not really a retelling of the story there. It more about the feeling I get when I play the game. And I also put parrarells to my real life in it. So I can't really explain it.

10. The reversed Mind:

For me this track is two things. First of all, it's a two minute long feeling, an atmosphere. And second, it's the only song that really catches the feeling that the album wants to create. I love it.



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28.02.2008 - 17:00
A song inspired in a video game !!! this is not very gothic, its my opinion

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