Soul Takers - Tides (Song by Song)

With: All band members
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 23.01.2006

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Soul Takers
Album info: Tides

01. Red
02. Blind Dreamers
03. Tides
04. Bitter And Unsaid
05. The Fakest Jest
06. Breath Of Time
07. Crossing
08. Sacrifice
09. Desert Dust
10. 1936
11. C.R.A.
12. My Infinite
+ Tides [video]

01. Red:

(Andrea) This is one of our new songs, we chose it to open our debut album because we think you can find in it all the influences of our music, prog, gothic, classical music, heavy metal and melodic and melancholic vocals. The voice introducing the's me...I do not know why we did not delete this part during the mixing sessions :-) ...but in the end it sounds quite pretty...Ah, I did not mention the fact that the lyrics for his song have been written by Valerio, a great friend and Edera's (a great prog-rock band) singer.

02. Blind Dreamers:

(Dino) This is certainly one of our most aggressive songs, it shows a very aggressive guitar rhythm and slower chorus, it is also our most progressive-influenced song, with a instrumental prog-like theme in the second part and its piano solo. Lyrics are about the very famous Macbeth's monologue.

03. Tides:

(Francesca) Here it is, our title track, we chose this name because of it begins in a very soft way it seems like to be cuddled by the waves of the sea...then guitars and vocals appear and this poetry disappears :-). This is also the last track we composed before entering New Sin Studios.
This track shows the presence of Ilaria Taroni (Anima Naive singer). We must once again thank her because of her patience and for bearing all our requests while recording. We recorded a video for this song and we are very satisfied of it, if you want you can download it form our website

04. Bitter and Unsaid:

(Andrea) this is another prog-influenced song, with its melancholic, strange chorus and crazy solo. We used a lot of cello in this song in order to create a sad and oppressive mood...and I think we succeeded in creating it :-)

05. The Fakest Jest:

(Andrea) The Fakest Jest" is one of our older and most appreciated songs, a sort of mid-tempo/ballad that shows are gothic/progressive side, with its long solo and a French speech taken from a Baudelaire composition. It was Pascale (our sound engeneer girlfriend) who performed this part on our cd. In this track we find the presence of Ilaria again, with lyrical backing vocals.

06. Breath of Time:

(Federica) This is perhaps the oldest song we ever composed. It is very old but, it sounds strange but it is true, it is very appreciated by our supporters. Here we find a very important presence of piano and violin melodies and it is in some ways a classical song.

07. Crossing:

(Jari) As far as I can remember (I'm getting old :-)) This is the fist song we create when Dine joined us. It was very exciting to work again with him after a long pause. This is a classical ST song, with a melancholic mood showing our different influences, after a Goth-like intro and vocals, you can find a chorus underlined by a prog guitar rhythm.

08. Sacrifice:

(Dino) This is a very old song, one of the firsts written by Soul Takers, I think it shows our gothic metal side. Here piano and violin have a relevant role in both verse and chorus. It was changed a bit while recording it in the studio.

09. Desert Dust:

(Andrea) This again is one of our oldest songs, It is also our most power metal influenced song, with a lot of double kick drum, a "fast and furious" solo, classic heavy metal guitar riffs and a powerful, catchy chorus. It is perhaps quite different from the rest of our CD, but we like variety and, in the end, we ARE metalheads ahahahahahahah :-)

10. 1936:

(Jari) This is our softest song. It is basically a piano ballad, with important cello and violin melodies. The lyrics we wrote for this song were inspired by a tale by Musil written in 1936. That's why we chose this title for this song.

11. C.R.A.:

(Federica) I'm sure you'd like to know the hidden meaning of this song's title, we won't reveal it ahahah!!!!!! It is too serious (or too silly) to be revealed. This is one of the newest songs; shorter but heavier, with a violin-solo and syncopated guitar rhythms. We were used to begin our concerts with this song, as it is quite powerful, I think.

12. My Infinite:

(Mauro) ooh, this is another very, very old song. It is one of the three songs (with "Desert Dust" and "The Fakest Jest") we also recorded for our first promo ("Through the Silence of Words"). It think this song shows our old and new influences, the prog riff in the beginning, the gothic verses, the power chorus....Yes it is a strange kind of melting-pot of all our influences, and this is clear also in the classical outro with piano and cello and vocals.


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