Karma - Leave Now!!! (Song by Song)

With: Thiago Bianchi [Vocals]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 21.02.2006

01. Leave Now!!!
02. Crawl
03. Life
04. Older
05. I Swear
06. War (The Circus Arrived)
07. It's Easier
08. O.D.
09. Voodoo Doll
10. I'm Yours
11. You
12. Buddha
13. Friend
14. Real Blue
15. It's Easier [acoustic version] [Japanese bonus]
16. Older [acoustic version] [Japanese bonus]

01. LEAVE NOW!!!

As you can imagine, the most important thing that happened in my life, unfortunately, was that disease! At that time, all I could think about and what I wanted the most was to survive to at least finish up 'Leave Now!!!'. It's easy to understand my emotions when I say that 'Leave Now!!!' is the true expression of strength and determination to my goals at that time, and that my enemy would not stand a chance ... Thank God, it didn't have a change alright! It didn't have any choice but leaving me alone.

Preferred part of the lyrics:
"You make me feel so alive
Because of my hate
I will conquer you!
You just make me love my life
Because of my love
I will spit on you!
Beat it now!
Hear my advice, Leave Now!!!"


It's about my indignation for being always treated like an idiot by the music world! We are always crawling and bowing in front of the music 'dictators'. I needed to vent and show the world that now it's our time!! And, above all, shout out loud the band's independence so we could carry on freely to our new phase!

Preferred part of the lyrics:
"No more bread and shit! I want some butter..."

03. LIFE…

This is a classic to me! It's about how life teaches you lessons through bad moments. It's a dialogue that I've had with life! It was like I could actually listen life saying all those things to me as they were happening. At that moment it was like I could feel life teaching me how to live. The more I complained, the worst things were. The more we ask God for wisdom, more chanlenges and obstacles He gives us! It's a lesson on how we have no clue whatsoever of what we really need and want in life! Who really knows...? Only life!

Preferred part of the lyrics:
"This time will make you grow
feel life teaching you
how to live, how to grow old
This life will make you learn
learn to live!
Say that you don't need to..."


Oh ... my baby! It's phase-breaker song, both to Karma and my career, as a musician and a producer. Of course, it had to be about this so-called 'maturity' thing, that arrives so suddenly and completely changes our vision about the world. It had everything to do with the period we were living then! We were trying to separate ourselves from "Inside..." and going into a new phase where we really wanted to grow, not only as musicians, but as people. And we did it. It was another vision, another energy, another enthusiasm! The process of growing up showed us a whole new world, and now it's all about us to live it!

Preferred part of the lyrics:
"I stand still and see my friends
they just come and go
It's so hard to keep a friend these days!"


Well ... she deserves it! I wrote this song for my baby! She proved to be the most special girl in the whole world! You gotta understand that she accepted me in a moment when I was suffering from a terrible disease, with very little chances of surviving, totally lost, still trying to cope with the terrible attitude of my ex-girlfriend that left me when I most needed the support! And besides (not that it really matters, but we have to take it into consideration) I was totally swollen, bold and with dark heavy shadows around my eyes and very pale because of the chemotherapy treatment I was going through. For me, she is the one that makes me feel the most special person in the world every single day, and is the living-proof that even after the most terrible storm we can see a calm sky.

Preferred part of the lyrics:
"...And seeing through the caos
that you've came
I think you must be some kind of Angel"


More than ever I had to talk about it! The war promoted by the US against Iraq because of oil. It was a joke! And the worst: it was justified by the 'chemical weapons' that were never found ... It's always like this with them, they kill indiscriminatedly to justify their means!! Well, we can only wait until they discover the Amazon! Then I want to see how it goes ...

Preferred part of the lyrics:
"My will now is Doom
To bad today is your day!"


Fight against the appearances is a hard battle everyone has to face everyday! This lyric is about that. How hard it is to hide your own feelings than just let it show. I think sometimes we have to fight against ourselves, spending a lot of precious energy that we could be using to deal with real problems. Anyway, the message is: get rid of the masks that the situations sometimes impose to you. Be yourself no matter what.

Preferred part of the lyrics:
"Never cry, never try to let it out
Is much easier bottle things up
easier to swallow all the pain...
It's much easier to hide
even when the bandage still remains!"


I could not let this subject pass by! All that bullshit about leaving me while I was making my chemotherapy treatment had to be immortalized in a song. For the ones that did not read the history of 'Leave Now!!!' and don't know that my girlfriend of 9-years left me right in the beginning of my treatment, there it goes, here's the story. The conclusions of what to think of this I'll leave to each and every one of you ...

Preferred part of the lyrics:
"Could you spare me some left overs?
It could be some of my heart!"


Humm ... this melody, so beautiful, did not deserve another lyric than a poetry to my inspirational muse. Actually, the craddle of this lyrics was during a conversation I had with Fabrizio, where I said to him how much I'd like to have the opportunity of expressing my love for her on a real and totally inspired ballad. And then this was written. Thanks Fabrizio.

Preferred part of the lyrics:
"Oh my love
I'm addicted to you
You just make my sky real blue
Oh my love
I was made to guide you
if you can't see that I am thru"

11. YOU

An insteresting analysis about those couples that are together for a long time, do not love each other anymore and do not have the courage to break up for fear of being alone, or just loosing the company of each other. That typical situation where staying together is unbearable, but being apart is unthinkable. Everyone knows someone that lives or has lived a situation like that, right? It's like an addiction. You know it's making you miserable, but you just can't let it go ...

Preferred part of the lyrics:
"On my wrists blood stains
of our breathless love
and my heart bleed
Freadon and fear
But I never felt this my whole life
I'm Addicted to you and me!"

12. BUDDHA (by Fabrizio)

It is impossible to discribe in only a few words what this song means to me! It was born when I was asked to make the soundtrack of an exhibition about three themes. This was the song that would symbolize the word 'reflection'. When the exhibition was over I came back to the song and put the lyrics. Nothing more suitable than talking about the one that better knew how to use the power of reflection. As I am a zen-Buddhist myself, I did not want to talk about Buddha on a religious way, it would sound fake. So, I preferred to give the lyrics a more poetic tone, using lots of metaphors that only a good zen-Buddhist would understand. The song itself is very spiritual, it alone can explain the meaning of 'zen' than any lyrics. Thus, the lyric is only to simbolize a transcend experience. Good meditation to all!

Preferred part of the lyrics:
"Silence was enough to stop
the advance of time"

(I asked Thiago Bianchi to insert little pauses on the vocals to symbolize time stopping)
"Effacing the Ego"
(This was pretty cool, I asked Thiago to tear his vocals on this verse. It is the only piece he does that during the song, simbolizing the courage and energy that Buddha had to have in order to deal with his own ego)
I'd like to remind that the part where it says "to brake the chains of my mind" is out on the album like "to engrave the chains of my mind" Thus, only those who are reading this will know the exact lyrics.


There's no love like a mother's love! The least I could do to show my admiration and gratitude for this wonder-woman, only because she is who she is, would be writing this song to her. To dedicate some words of love and caress. It's not much, but it's full of feelings. You are the queen of my life, my immortal heroine. I love you as much as a flower loves the sun.

Preferred part of the lyrics:
"Mom, I'm so alone
Son, count on me!"


And finally, this song that is a gift, not only to the ones deeply in love, but to the newly-weds Fabrizio and Letícia! Yes, when they got engaged I offered this lyric as my gift to them. I think it's a pure reflection of love, as beauty lives in the eyes of whom contemplates it. Nothing is more delightful than being dazzled by the brightness of passion! Be happy. I trully hope this song provides wonderful moments! And besides, in my opinion, it is a masterpiece afterall!

Preferred part of the lyrics:
"You never know
how really sacred
is to give up of who you are
for someone like you!
You and I
you came into my life
making my sky real blue!!!"


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