Thrudvangar interview (01/2007)

With: Christian (guitar)
Conducted by: Susan (phone)
Published: 15.01.2007

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On Friday the 12th of January I had the pleasure of speaking with Christian, the guitarist and band leader of German viking metal band Thrudvangar. Their newest album, Walhall, released in late 2006, has been well received by fans and critics alike; their 1st album, 2004's Ahnenthron, has just been re-released with bonus video features. Despite a somewhat bad phone connection and sizable language barrier Christian and I had a great chat! Here are some highlights:

-Do you write most of the band's music or do you all write together?

The lyrics are written by our singer, Matze, and the music of our songs we make all together.

-In most of your songs, your music is about Asatru and the Viking religions. Do you believe in this religion or is it just stories and myth?

I believe it; we all believe. We think it's a better religion [than] Christ religions and we [write] that in our songs. We believe it.

I've been translating some of the lyrics from Walhall but haven't translated the lyrics to (previous album) Ahnenthron. Are they also about Asatru?

Yes, the album is also from the Nordic music. Ahnentron is a text about a king from Scandinavia, yes it's about a king of the clan. And it's about our forefathers.

-Oh wow. So what was it like recording the album Walhall?

We have our own little studio and we had enough time. We have no stress.

-No pressure from the label then?

No, no, there was no pressure.

-Oh good. How did you meet the other band members then?

We're all friends for a long time ago, since 20 years. Before, Thrudvangar was 4-man band and our old singer was also bass player and he leaves the band for 2 years [ago] and then came our new singer, 2nd guitarist and new bass player, also old friends; so that's no problem to get people into the band.

-You have a tour coming up with Nomans Land. What is your favourite part of touring and playing live?

It's the party! The party is the biggest on tour and to play shows, really the party afterwards. To talk with the fans, and so after the show we go not backstage we go before the stage and talk with the people, it's more fun.

-Do you usually only play with other Viking metal bands or do you play with different style bands?

We play with every style of metal. We have also played with black metal bands, we have played with death metal bands, there's no stress to play together with other metal bands.

-Do you guys listen to a lot of metal?

Yes, of course.

-What are some of your favourite styles and bands to listen to?

Favourite bands are like, Bathory of course, bands like Amon Amarth.

-What about non-metal? What styles do you enjoy?

I also like rock music, like Ramones, I like Ramones, not only metal. In our band we like all kinds of metal types like black metal, death metal, rock, grindcore. It's all in the band.

-When did you learn to play the guitar?

Ooh, I've been [playing] for 16 years, I was 14.

-Do you play other instruments?

No I don't. Our keyboard player, Andreas, he plays guitar; not in the band, for himself, at home.

-Do you have other bands that you play with?

No. Our second guitarist, Kanne, he was playing in another band, a death metal band, but now in time nobody is in other bands.

-So now that Walhall has been recorded and released are you already starting to write new music for another album?

Yes. We are now writing new songs; we have 5 new songs and we are bringing out this year a new CD.

-Can you tell me anything about the album or is it still pretty new and secretive?

Oh, it's no secret *laughs*. We haven't a title for this album at this time. Until we have finished all the songs and then we make up ideas for album title.

-Okay. Will the songs also be about the Asatru religion?

Yes, we wouldn't change the meaning.

-Is there anything else you want to tell the Metal Storm readers about Thrudvangar before we go?

I hope we can see you all on our concerts!

-Great! Well, thank you so much for calling!

Thank you also for this interview!


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15.01.2007 - 03:37
Down Under Staff
Nice interview

How much would the call have cost? I know mobile phone (cell phone) rates here aren't kind to one making an international call!
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15.01.2007 - 04:05
Well I was on a cell phone and sometimes I have bad reception at my home. I don't know if he was or not, but he called from Germany so the international connection contributed to a few "lost" seconds I'm sure

I have no idea how much it was costing so I tried to keep it brief!! I'm sure the label was picking up the tab but still, I didn't want to keep him too long. He was VERY nice though so I'm glad we got a chance to chat!
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15.01.2007 - 22:00
A lot of short answers from the guitarist. But that's what dialogue means. How in the hell did you record it over the cell phone?

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15.01.2007 - 23:11
It's complicated I was on the phone's headset but I plugged it into this other device which could be plugged into by my phone's headset socket AND had an output for which went into a digital recorder! That way both sides of the conversation were recorded clearly into the digital recorder.

Yeah his answers are short but I think that's because of his limited English. I wish I were able to speak German!!!
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16.01.2007 - 01:48
Maybe I can make an elaborate one in German if I should meet them at the Ragnarök Festival. But currently university occupies far too much of my time to handle inties and stuff, not to mention the work I'd have with translating it afterwards

@Necro: I had sent their promo agency a site with dial around service numbers. If they've used it, it wouldn't have cost them more than 1.5 ct per minute. If not, it would have been about 8-10 times of that.
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16.01.2007 - 21:36
Retired Staff
hehe, yeah a lot of the mistakes made by him in the interview sound obviously german, still a nice interview though, maybe i'll have to check this band out when their new album comes
BAS - Beautifully Accented Sexiness
16.01.2007 - 23:26
Written by Bas on 16.01.2007 at 21:36

hehe, yeah a lot of the mistakes made by him in the interview sound obviously german, still a nice interview though, maybe i'll have to check this band out when their new album comes

Yes, you definitely should! Walhall is still kind of the "new album" right now so no need to wait Both of their albums are great though so which ever one you find is worth buying
"A life all mine
Is what I choose
At the end of my days"
--The Gathering "A Life All Mine" from Souvenirs
17.01.2007 - 20:43
Baz Anderson
thanks to this interview i had a really productive day today looking into new bands..
i am listening to Thrudvangar right now and i also found XIV Dark Centuries and Menhir on the way as well - all brilliant bands. i am pleased

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