Nomans Land interview (01/2007)

With: Hjervard
Conducted by: Susan (e-mail)
Published: 31.01.2007

Band profile:

Nomans Land

Hello Hjervard! Thank you for allowing this interview. Please introduce yourself and tell our readers about Nomans Land's music.

Hi! My name is Hjervard. I am a bass-guitar player and the frontman of the band. For 10 years of the band's existence our music has undergone a lot of changes. Primordially that was doom-metal, but by 1998 the music has already changed to Viking-metal. And up to now that is still Viking-metal.

The new album, Raven Flight, has been well received by the metal community. How do you guys create the magic - who writes and contributes to the music?

As a rule, Sigurd brings a new melody and we all start working on the arrangement. Sometimes it sounds a bit differ in its accomplished form rather than in its first form. Everything takes its normal course. And we almost never turn back to the past - we always create something new.

What were your favourite parts of recording this album? Any bad memories or funny stories?

Sooth to say, the recording of the "Raven Flight" was a bit difficult; moreover, we were limited by time. The vocal being recorded, Ainar asked me, if it was possible to place "Uuuuahhh…" by his voice at the middle of the "Raven Flight" song. I replied that we might try to do that, but actually I didn't even realize, how it should exactly sound. He said that he was going to show it. We turned on the phonogram; he came up and did such a sound. Fortunately, at that moment our sound-producer was recording Ainar. So, now may be absolutely convinced that our drummer is also a back-vocalist. But on concerts I have to reproduce this sound by myself.

Sadly, Torvald had to leave the band in late 2006. Have you begun to search for a new permanent guitar player? If so, how is that search going?

You know, that is always not easy, when the person, whom you have been worked for a long time with, is leaving the band. He is not only a musician, but also a friend.Now we have a new one guitar player, his name is Andrey. We have already performed with him at the German fests on the December of 2006. He is a really good guitarist, but that will take much time for him until he becomes one of the Nomans Land members. Time will show.

Which bands or musicians have you been influenced by through the years (and currently)?

I don't know which of the bands influenced me are better to point out. I enjoy Iron Maiden, Slayer. I still like them much. I listen to the wide variety of music and enjoy a lot of bands. But the greatest influence on me and my understanding of metal-rock was rendered by those ones, I believe.

I became a fan after hearing your debut, The Last Son of the Fjord. Nomans Land's sound has evolved quite a bit since then, tell us about that journey.

Yes, you're right, our sound has being changed from one album to another. That is because of the fact that we do not discontinue working and develop as musicians. That is natural. The "Hammerfrost" being recorded, I could neither even predict what kind of album will be the next one, nor the album after our "Raven Flight". That's a matter of time, when we will do the next step forward. Everything happens by its own way. As for Nomans Land, the flame of our hearts and persistence of Vikings are in demand.

It looks like you're about to start a tour in Germany in February. You've been to Germany for festivals before but this will be your first tour; what are you most looking forward to?

We are looking forward to our European tour, and look - there is less than a week remained before this event! That is a really important event for us. I guess everything will be cool. Moreover, we will be supported in this tour by our friends from Thrudvangar.

Which songs do you most enjoy playing live?

We enjoy staying on scene. That is the most significant event for us. Nowadays I love playing songs from the new album, may be because I have already got accustomed to the songs from the previous one. "Raven Flight", "Hail Norman!", "Dragon Grin" I like most of all.

How serious are you about your lyrics? What meaning does Asatru and the Viking beliefs have for your lifestyle?

What I write about is what I feel. How strong are the human feelings? I am a heathenist, but that doesn't reflect my appearance. For example, I go to my work dressed officially in costume with a tie. Heathenism is my soul condition. I'm convinced that is sufficiently serious.

What does the future hold for Nomans Land?

Even we by ourselves do not yet completely happen to know, what Nomans Land is. We are discovering the land from album to album, from repetition to repetition...

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Is there anything you'd like to say to close out this interview?

Thank you for the interview. I hope everyone, who is reading that, be able to see our performance and feel our music.


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There was a band with the same name in Turkey in the last 90's... But these guys are better...

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