Cannibal Corpse

With: George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher
Conducted by: Baz Anderson (in person)
Published: 20.02.2009

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Cannibal Corpse
Cannibal Corpse, a controversial subject within the death metal world. This past week I got the chance to catch up with the band's figurehead, the mighty Corpsegrinder about the past, the present, the future, the criticisms and the strains of being away from home.

Due to technical fault, the first few minutes didn't record properly, so the video follows on from this transcription of those first few minutes. Apologies for the occasional focusing problems.

Barry: So you've been on tour now for a few weeks with Children Of Bodom, how has the tour gone so far?

George: Great! Packed every night, crowds awesome, a lot of people that aren't familiar with us, you know our music, which is part of the reason, well the reason to tour and get some new people listening to the band. We're having a good time.

Barry: Is it strange that you're not headlining?

George: It is different, yeh, because every European tour we do we're headlining. But it's kind of refreshing, I mean playing an hour and fifteen minutes when we headline, and now we're playing forty-five, we're on an off before we even know it. We're having a good time, it's really cool, I got to say I would rather open some times, it's way cooler because... we've done it a few times in the states... and this is the first tour we have done for "Evisceration Plague", so it's kind of good to not jump straight back into headlining.

Barry: So you've just released your new album "Evisceration Plague", what are your thoughts on the album, how do you rate it compared to the other albums?

George: Um, I think it stacks up with all of them. I mean the guitar sound is easily the best from what we've had, it's harsh, the heaviness, it's got everything, the song are there, everything is solid. It's had a good reaction, you know we only play two new songs on this tour, and you know, we're doing just "Evisceration Plague" and "Priests Of Sodom", and... "Priests..." is the first song on the album, so people are more familiar with that, usually its the first song that is more, you know, catchy, so we're getting a good reaction, people are ready for it, they are screaming and going crazy. One thing I have noticed it takes people a little bit of time, you know when we come round the second time, they start having... they start to know the songs.

Barry: So what would you say to the people that say you never change your style?

George: Fuck them. We're death metal, we do what we do, you know, we write what we write, I think each album is unique in its own way... I don't see what the problem is... I don't really... I don't care, you know, I don't, because those are the people who are just finding any excuse they can to say something bad about us, they want us gone for whatever reason, you know what, sit behind your fucking table, write your fucking stories, I don't care man, you know we only care about the people here at the shows, that's all we need, that's all we ever needed. You don't like that we don't change, well go and listen to somebody else - [video starts here] I think it should be a credit to us that be stick to our guns, and we do you know... yeh, we've evolved, if you listen to the first record to now it's different, but it's not, it's not a complete change, it's an evolution I think that you know, as far as what the death metal style we are playing... and if anyone doesn't like it then, you know I could have just kept this small you know with two words, fuck off, but... [points to camera] if you don't like it, fuck you.

Part 1

Part 2

Many thanks go to George of Cannibal Corpse for his time, and also Andy Turner for arranging it.
Conducted, transcribed and edited by Barry Anderson, recorded by Rachel Muir.


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Baz Anderson
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armageddon - 25.02.2009 at 10:18  
Written by U47 on 23.02.2009 at 01:02

It's quite funny reading comments like "when this or that band becomes popular I can't listen to them anymore", which is - in my eyes - the same thing as to say "I can only listen to things that are popular". Do you guys care about the music or do you just want to be underground, cause if you're underground you're really different than all the other people out there. I think if you want to be different to the "mainstream" you should not care about it (what you obviously do, because if the others like it, you can't like it anymore)

I agree with you completely.

Btw nice interview Baz.
TormentoR. - 12.04.2009 at 00:52  
Shit i love interviews with Fisher. he curses alot
wormdrink414 - 11.08.2009 at 02:29  
Written by TormentoR. on 12.04.2009 at 00:52

Shit i love interviews with Fisher. he curses alot

My friend brought a sign that said "Fuck the Alliance" in red paint to the last Corpse show in Portland, quoting Corpsegrinder from his now infamous World of Warcraft interview from a couple years ago. Got it signed by the whole band, and all of Behemoth (the lucky bastard).
Kingface - 20.08.2009 at 20:29  
Really interesting interview. Great stuff!:metal:

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