Waylander interview (12/2009)

With: Ciaran "ArdChieftain" O'Hagan, Saul McMichael, Dave Briggs
Conducted by: Baz Anderson (in person)
Published: 19.12.2009

Band profile:


Northern Irish Celts Waylander were back in North Wales after their appearance at Hammerfest in April. On the evening of the first day of the festival, after we'd all consumed some amount of alcohol we thought it would be a good idea to act like four idiots in front of a camera and post it on the internet. We got to talk about the band's progression through the years, sweating walls in Belfast and the next album.

Note: In the second part of the interview, the "inside information" about Dagda the dog and broardband internet connections was obtained from Dave beforehand, without the knowledge of the other two. Yes, Metal Storm is becoming more like "Beadle's About" day by day.

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks to Ciaran, Saul and Dave for their time, and Saul for helping arrange it.
Conducted & edited by Barry Anderson.
Recorded by Tomas Drury


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