Beseech interview (10/2004)

With: Robert Vintervind
Conducted by: KwonVerge
Published: 11.10.2004

Band profile:


1) First of all I'd like to ask you to give us a brief information about the history of the band for the music fans that haven't heard of you.

- Hello, Beseech started in 1992 as a doom/death metalband and released the first demotape later that year. After that two more demos released until 1995, and the music more and more between these demos changed to be more and more atmospheric and less growling vocals and we also added some female vocals to it get the feeling we wanted and still use today.
After that we got our first recorddeal with We bite/Corrosion Records and we started to record our first album "From a bleeding heart" in 1995/96. But they couldn´t pay for the studio so we started to search for another to release it and in 1998 did Metalblade step in and got it out, almost 2 years delayed.
Then after some within the band and some struggles with the label we break the deal with them and recorded and released our 2nd album "Black Emotions" through Pavement Music 2000. After this we went on our first real big tour with Theatre of Tragedy and Lacuna Coil wich was a really great experience for us. ine But with our bad luck did (but it was good, did bad promotion and support) went Pavement bankrupt and I think and released all their bands...
Now we started to look for a another deal with someone that got some good reputation and Napalm Records seemed to be that one. We signed with them for 3 albums and now released 2 albums there, "Souls Highway" in 2002 and the latest "Drama" in 2004.

2) "Beseech": Beg, entreat, implore. What does "Beseech" mean to you?

- "Beseech" is an old english word and means "to fall on your knees for someone/thing and obey". And you can do that for our music, then it´s reached to your heart...
But it´s nothing I really think about as we had it for a so long time, a name that just been with us from the beginning.

3) What kind of music do you like listening to?

- Everything I would say from pop, rock, metal, moviemusic, electronics, ambient, so it´s almost everything. But while I´m writing this interview it´s Rammstein´s, Reise Reise that´s going in my headphones.

4) Which bands would you consider as your biggest influences as a gothic metal band? What do you think of gothic rock?

- Don´t have a clue wich other bands that influenced me most in this genre, don´t think there are so much good bands in this genre actually. But one of my favourite albums in this genre are The Gatherings "If_Then_Else" album, a real killer. Gothic rock also have some good bands as Fields of Nephelim and Sisters of Mercy but I think the Gothic Metal genre are a evolution/moderisation from the Gothic Rock genre. I know that many readers will disagree but that what´s I think.

5) Let's go to your latest release, "Drama". I'd like to congratulate you for such a wonderful album filled with emotion, as you always did!

- Great to hear that you like "Drama" aswell, it was some big changes in both lineup, sound etc but I think we managed to create something special and fresh.

6) In "Drama" we can see that Klas Bohlin, one of the former members of Beseech and main songwriter of the band up to "Soul's Highway", is no longer member of the band. Why did he leave?

- He didn´t like to this kind of music anymore and wanted to start his 60th inspired rock, cowboy, psychadelic music in Depressive Art, sounds really cool. And we are even better friends today and even work with eachothers.

7) The production of the album is the best you ever had and all the instruments can be heard clearly. How much time did you spend in the studio while recording and producing "Drama"?

- We recorded all of our albums so far in StudioMega and we really like to work with the guy over there and for Drama he moved the studio to on complete new location/city and built all from the ground
and got new technical stuff aswell. He as we grown techically and as producers and knew more what sound we wanted for Drama. We also have downtuned the guitars to C so they are in more lower registry that make other instruments to get more space in the frequenzies and that could be one reason why it sound more clear, but yet heavy and dirty.
We spended around 6 weeks in the studio.

8) "Drama" continues from the moment "Soul's Highway" ended, 8 beautiful compositions filled with emotion, sounding more complex, melodic but at the same time heavier! How did you achieve this? Is it because of the really good production or because you worked on heavier ideas?

- I think it´s a combination of the evolution in the music and the sound itself and the fact that Klas leaved the band. Now I got more free space as a composer and the other in the band needed to help and make this album to be complete. It was a teamwork as never before to achieve this album and a new way to work for us aswell because before it was more me and Klas that made almost everything.

9) The lyrics remain deeply esoteric and emotional dealing with the human esotericism and how fragile a heart can be… Could you tell us a few things about your lyrics of "Drama"? What inspires you most?

- We are more textcompesers aswell for Drama but we have the same way of writing and it´s reflections of life and that´s the "theme" of the album.
Every song are individual but it always have something from our own thoughts and facinations about things that crossing your mind or reality.

10) Lotta Höglin and Erik Molarin are a beautiful duet in tragedy giving meaning to every single word! In my opinion it was a great step forward the fact that from "Soul's Highway" and on the female vocals started having an equal role to the band as the male vocals. What do you think about it?

- It just felt natural to be this way and of course it also feels better for Lotta. But we use them both on a song for a reason and not that both need to be every song as many bands do.
All depends on the character and atmosphere on each song.

11) Are you satisfied by Napalm Records? Will you continue with them or you'll search for a new label?

Let say like this, it´s the best label we worked with so far but today I feel that they could have done much better job with promotion and support for the band. If I could decide I would changed label as they are too much underground and don´t see possibillities with our music. But we have one more album regarding to the contract to do for them so we´ll what happens with that.

12) Could you please tell us a few words about your albums up to now? How do you feel when you look back?

1998 - "From a bleeding heart" - Sounds like a first album, could be much better production and the song on this time was more doomy but some songs are still pretty cool. Anna Andersson was the female vocalist on this album.
2000 - "Black Emotions" - Different kind of music, much more gothic metal feeling and driven songs. Lotta´s (singer) first participation with Beseech.
2002 - "Souls Highway" - More pure and straight gothic metal with many hit-songs. This was a album with great potential and recived very good response allover. Erik´s (singer) first album with Beseech
2004 - "Drama" - More experimental and heavier sounding album than previous releases. This album was made as a teamwork and with energy from all members.

13) "But the show must keep on going and the show goes on". What are your thoughts/wishes about the future of Beseech? Is there a new album on the horizon?

- Yeah, I already have material for around 8 songs and in the end of this month we gonna enter the studio to record 4 new songs so keep your eyes open for a new album next year already!
If Napalm really like the material you probobly will see a single out in the middle of 2005 with a video aswell!!!

14) I'd like to thank you for this interview and your time, close with some lyrics of Beseech.

"The drama never ends..."


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