Rotting Christ interview (11/2004)

With: Sakis - Vocals, Guitars
Conducted by: Azhidahak
Published: 24.11.2004

Band profile:

Rotting Christ

- Could you please introduce your band shortly?

Yes we are 4 motherfuckers expressing our precious music. It just happens that Metal fans liked our songs. That is the reason we have released 9 albums and we have played in almost every corner of the planet. Check our long biography in our official site:

-Concerning your new album, how has the response been from your fans so far?

Really great for a 9th album, people could easily criticise a band that has released 9 albums for lack of influence and ideas. This didn't happen with us and this is really encouraging to keep on living the Metal way of life and keep releasing new albums.

- If you were to advertise your new album and encourage people to buy it, what would you say is special about it that no other album can offer?

You will explore undiscovered places of the dark side of your soul listening to SANCTUS DIAVOLOS. Join the ROTTING CHRIST trip.

-How would you describe your musical evolution throughout the years?

A bit experimental because we show a different side of the band from album to album, this is something that comes instinctively. In my opinion this refreshes the interest of our fans. We are not a band that will remain going in the same direction releasing albums with exactly the same sound so that we don't disappoint our fans. ROTTING CHRIST is a fair soul dedication.

-I haven't read all of your lyrics, but from what I've read they don't seem to be pushy anti-religious while your name is "Rotting Christ". Do you think the name you chose at the beginning of your career is still suitable for the music you play?

Maybe yes maybe no… I personally believe yes cause our goal as a band is not to be mainstream so a strong name like this keeps the roots of Black Metal as an anti-christian and generally as an anti-conservative musical movement alive.

- Have you planned any Christmas gigs?

Yes even tough sometimes our shows during "holy" religious periods of time are cancelled …we will see this year.

-Do you take the occult themes in your lyrics seriously or are they simply intended to achieve a dark atmosphere? Do you think exposing people to such ideas could be dangerous in any way?

My friend, everyone has a dark side deep inside him and with ROTTING CHRIST we try to give him a push to explore it. Our lyrics are not fundamentalist kinda kill Christian or hail Satan thing! They are more mature with a suggestion about life in general. More or less our concept as a band is that
Religion is the biggest and the most well organized deception used to control the mass of contemporary human beings history... so as you can guess and from our name our view is really against any kind of religion. We are supporters of mind freedom something that no religion provides.

- On "Khronos", you recorded a cover of Current 93's "Lucifer Over London". This is a very unusual choice. What made you choose this song?

I really liked this song from the first time I heard it because it is really…dark. A song that would be interesting transformed into Metal …so we just did it and I think that the result is quite good. I personally like the idea of covering a song not just to repeat it!

-You have been around since 1987, which makes you quite experienced. How has your outlook on music changed during this time?

Yes we grew up in an evolutionary time in Metal… We grew at the same time as some bands that were really anxious and their will was to give something new in extreme music back then and special to Black Metal…So it was a kind of inner circle with bands that used to help each other and have a goal to rise the BLACK METAL flag…The real underground feeling back then was destroyed when labels smelled money. I think that after that everything is well known till nowadays.

-I read something about a Rotting Christ tribute album by some Brazilian bands in your official website. Could you give us some more information about this album?

Yes it is called AN EVIL EXISTENCE FOR ROTTING CHRIST and it includes 14 covers from the early ROTTING CHRIST days. Quite interesting indeed and as a band it is just one of our goals come to reality. I can only describe my feelings with the word PROUD as this makes a band rich in its heart and as soon as we go back to South America we will pay respect back to our South American Black Metal brothers.

- What is your opinion about the following bands?

*Exodus - The first ever Thrash Metal album I bought (Bonded by Blood) and as you can guess I love their music and their attitude till now.

*Grave - Greetings to my friends from Sweden for their dedication and the great music they have created through the years.

*Ajattara - Sorry but I do not know them. Really how they do sound like?

*Lacuna Coil - Not that much my cup of tee musically but what they are doing they do it well! A must for atmospheric Metal listeners

*Nasum - Great extreme stuff….

*Morgion -

*Ministry - Hail to the godfathers that brought industrial music into Metal. Their early albums will spot the music history.

*Deftones - Nothing special in my opinion…Ok good quality music but definitely not my cup of tee.

-You are free to say whatever you want.


I would like to thank jupitreas for helping me out with this interview



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31.10.2009 - 22:48
This guy has a big touch of charisma...
05.08.2010 - 02:00
Really Rotting Christ is around Brasil since their first gig back in ´98 and they already played in Mexico. We are real metal maniac not euro--yankees-posers pretending be ruthless although they live in peaceful and rich areas.

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