Gwar - Lust In Space review


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Band: Gwar
Album: Lust In Space
Release date: August 2009

01. Lust In Space
02. Let Us Slay
03. Damnation Under God
04. The UberKlaw
05. Lords And Masters
06. Metal Metal Land
07. The Price Of Peace
08. Where Is Zog?
09. Make A Child Cry
10. Release The Flies
11. Parting Shot
12. Gwarnography [bonus]

GWAR is very likely the most original thrash metal act out there; you just have to look at them to know what I mean. They are dressed as monsters from outer space and their live shows are just outrageous. This all contributes to their lyrical content, which isn't that serious either. Still, I count them as thrash metal because musically this album, Lust in Space (2009), is nothing more than aggressive, up-tempo thrash metal.

Musically this album is an atomic bomb. As soon as the intro of "Lust in Space" ends the music doesn't slow down until the last song ends. The band manages to keep this album interesting till the end because of their excellent songwriting. Despite the strange appearance of this band the band members are dead serious about their music. You can hear that they are professional and trained musicians. Every member on this album puts out a terrific performance. Most of the album drives on high-tempo grooves instead of uninspired riffs. That's the main power of this album.

For added variety the songs "The Price of Peace" and "Release the Flies" are sung by bass player Beefcake the Mighty and (late) lead guitarist Flattus Maximus, respectfully, instead of lead vocalist, Oderus Urungus. Oderus Urungus´ vocal performance on this album is top quality. You can hear that he puts a lot of effort in his vocal arrangements; even in the very quick vocal parts he manages to put a lot of small details into his performance. The lyrics are again as crazy as hell, often ridiculing a lot of controversial topics.

Two other things worth mentioning about Lust in Space are the production quality and the song "Metal Metal Land." The production is really good on this album. The mix has some good bass without being too "boomy" and taking away from its clarity. Every instrument has a fair share in the mix and is distinguishable, which is good.

The song "Metal Metal Land," which is by far my favorite of the album, is probably the least serious song on the album, talking about a planet that is all things metal and where no false metal is tolerated. it is a energetic thrash song with some hints to punk rock.

I would recommend this album to all people that like energetic metal and thrash metal in particular. Just give it a fair chance and don't take the lyrics to seriously.

Highlights: "Metal Metal Land," "Let us Slay," and "Parting Shot."

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 10
Production: 9

Written by NLthrasher | 12.01.2012


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12.01.2012 - 06:15
Im glad someone else on this website enjoys GWAR as much as I do.
I think people dont give them a chance at all.
"Sataaaaaaaaan. Yeah yeah!"
-King Diamond
12.01.2012 - 14:27
Thrash del Sur
Cool review!! I notice that euopan ppl, (most ppl in MS by the way) doesn't get Gwar. I really like this band, not just the visual part but the lyrics, that aren't silly jokes every time...just take a look

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