Rhope - Turning Maybes Into Reality review

Band: Rhope
Album: Turning Maybes Into Reality
Release date: 2012

01. Slaves
02. Into The Box
03. Parallel
04. False Needs
05. Lust
06. Your Peace
07. Comedown
08. Truth Lies
09. Extinction Is Forever
10. Entropy Of Brain
11. Cut The Pressure
12. Now

We've got a grower on our hands here.

After a first listen to the clean vocals on this, you'll probably start poking convulsively at the power button on your computer. I'm speculating, of course... but you will. They have a kind of whiny ring to them that, at least initially, doesn't seem to work with the rapid riffing at all. They sort of shock the system.

But that's about all that's off putting about them, really. After your (wrong) first impressions wear off, with the break-neck riffs and occasional harsh vocals, the emotive and shrill singing is what makes Rhope's sound dynamics seem so well-oiled. The singing works.

Bigger picture of this thing? Think late-90s alternative metal-style broodiness meets an automatic meat grinder welded to the front of a speeding semi. A lot of it has got something like a Korn-y atmosphere and alternative-esque cleans, but Rhope plays faster and more angrily than the alternative bands they seem to have been influenced by. Grungy angst is there throughout, but there's a good chunk of death metal and hardcore-esque brutishness thrown in too. And the blend works.

Well... at least for a solid clump of this it does.

Shitting (even a little bit) on a debut release because of the occasional hiccups and toe-stubs on it might seem harsh but, fact is, the ones here prevent Turning Maybes from being great. The contours of a brilliant album are evident throughout, but there are too many undistorted, moody inserts that feel half-baked and contrived, and the transitions between the pissed-offery and the glumness are wonky as fuck. Not to mention the quantity of stretch marks here. This thing should be a good 15 to 20 minutes shorter than it is. At least.

All that said though, the sheer "professionalism" of this record genuinely is impressive. The production is full and meaty sounding, the songwriting is thoughtful, and the musicianship is, for the most part, excellent. Take my word for it, you'll almost certainly be hearing more from these guys. And soon. Looking forward to it too.


Written on 29.01.2012 by Wormdrink's real name is George and he's an American.


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30.01.2012 - 04:34
Hmm, sounds pretty interesting. If anything, though, from what I've heard of it the harsh vocals are more of a concern for me. I'll definitely listen to it when it comes out.
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