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Band: Vehemence
Album: God Was Created
Release date: June 2002

01. Made For Her Jesus
02. She Never Noticed Me
03. Fantasy From Pain
04. Christ I Fucking Hate You!
05. Lusting For Affection
06. The Last Fantasy Of Christ
07. I Didn't Kill Her
08. God Was Created
09. I Must Not Live
10. The Lord's Work

I've heard all over the places, "God Was Created is the album of the century, it's legendary, the band with the best technique and skills"

Yes it's a good album a great album to be more specific, not at all legendary but yes, Great, I love the fact that it's a conceptual album though, that is not usual in this genre, specially not nowadays. Anyway the music is very good, I can highlight more than five songs out of ten, that's cool in my books, it's a little difficult however to draw attention to just one song, due to the fact that the entire album is all glued, every song is like an interlude for the next one, that is not bad or anything, in fact I think is one of the best things in "God Was Created".

"Made For Her Jesus" is a great song, with one of the best intros for sure, and those double bass drums in the middle are unbelievable(3:55), no good solos but brutal riffs, and the vocals in this song (and in the entire album) are obnoxious, low as feet but in someway understandable, and then the best track of the album "She Never Noticed Me" OH MY GORE, this song is structured as hell, the drums and the bass-lines match incredibly, the guitar riffs are violent and mellow (in the intro as always) and those combined vocals are implausible, and those lyrics…those lyrics are the greatest things in the album, brutal violent band with deep thoughtful lyrics, and in the middle of the song there's a piano (2:56) a melody that in a great way has nothing to do with the song, but it still sounds perfect, and the ending of that song is the best thing in this album.

The other songs are in a way similar (I mean it's a conceptual album come on) but with the similarity, the concept and all that stuff every song has a life of it's own, this is a masterpiece yes, not legendary but very good, conceptual and imaginative (even though the concept brings nothing new to the table, a lot of bands talk about hating god and shit) along the entire album you will find fast complex drums, awesome guitar technique, and those intros that blow everyone's mind(I found them not very impressive, because when the intros end the song most times are as the usual death metal track), a good purchase if you love experimental death metal for sure.

Best Tracks: She Never Noticed Me, The Last Fantasy Of Christ, Lusting For Affection, Made For Her Jesus.

Written by Herzebeth | 28.08.2005



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14.09.2010 - 18:54
Oh my GORE!!! Brutal And Awesome as hell. Highly recommended. Nice review
14.09.2010 - 19:11
It is pretty good, indeed.
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