Destruction - Inventor Of Evil review


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Band: Destruction
Album: Inventor Of Evil
Release date: August 2005

01. Soul Collector
02. The Defiance Will Remain
03. The Alliance Of Hellhoundz
04. No Man's Land
05. The Calm Before The Storm
06. The Chosen Ones
07. Dealer Of Hostility
08. Under Surveillance
09. Seeds Of Hate
10. Twist Of Fate
11. Killing Machine
12. Memories Of Nothingness
13. We Are The Road Crew [Motörhead cover] [bonus]
14. The Alliance Of Hellhoundz (Schmier only) [bonus]

Haaa a good old thrashy Destruction!!! Six years after the re-formation and two years after their last production "Metal Discharge" they're back again with this "Inventor Of Evil". A true and really thrashy album in the pure spirit of Destruction: simple but without any doubt, sharping like a razor blade…

This is not a real surprise and I think that a lot of people will agree with me if I say that Destruction is not the most technical Thrash band on Earth. No, they're not the master of the technical riffs or guitars solos, their thrash is basic ok, but their force comes from the fact that all their albums are efficient as hell.

And this is the case one more time with "Inventor Of Evil" the new release of the trio through the German label AFM Records. "Inventor Of Evil" is one more time really basic and simple on a side but again this is so efficient damn that's great. I must admit that I prefer US Thrash and Destruction is not my favourite German combo but let's be honest it's hard to blame the band for this album. Some songs like the hymn "Soul Collector" with its incredible aggressive riffs or the dark "The Calm Before The Storm" with its insistent tempo and its nice arpeggio are real masterpieces and no worries they're not the only good songs of the album.

The production of the CD is evidently perfect. Just remember that it is their old mate Peter Tägtgren who mixed the album in his Abyss studio in Sweden. But also, I think that Schmier is better. I mean that his voice is improving and this is probably his best performance with Destruction. You understand it really well, if you like German Thrash this is a must…

This album is a good Destruction album and all the fans of the band will have to buy it if they don't want to miss something. I can understand that some people won't like this album, after all Destruction is not so easy of access but in any case I will say that this album is a bad one. At the opposite, "Inventor Of Evil" is for sure a classy album of German Thrash Metal…

Written by Jeff | 01.09.2005



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10.09.2008 - 16:34
killer album! and the Motörhead cover is awesome!!!!!

22.10.2009 - 13:51
Well written review and I agree with everything from the production to the efficiency of the music. Suitable rating

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