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Band: Pantheist
Album: Amartia
Release date: March 2005

01. Apologeia
02. Gluttony
03. Envy
04. Lust
05. First Prayer
06. Pride
07. Greed
08. Sloth
09. Wrath
10. Metanoia

"That's why my Lord, in your eyes I'll commit one by one the seven great sins until your righteous punishment rid me of every doubt about your existence"

A man is going to commit the seven deadly sins one by one, challenging god to punish him. By this he hopes to prove God's existence.

How do you define a sin? How do you express a sin? And more important, how do you turn a sin into a musical piece? This was the challenge Kostas and Co. (i.d. Pantheist) set for their new musical adventure. Adventure? Sure, the word fits within the unlimited boundaries of Pantheist.

The result? A different album, another face of Pantheist and a amazing concept that deals matters from religion to insanity.
This person, this man, commits one by one the deadly sins, (Amartia means "sin" in Greek) each song you go through all the deadly sins, majestically interpreted by the band.

What amazes me is the complexity of the concept, if you told me "make me 7 songs, each one representing each deadly sin" I would stare into the sky thinking of one puny idea. These proves one more than Pantheist is no ordinary band, we're dealing with talented musicians and composers.

The album surely feels totally different from "O Solitude" you won't believe is the same band, Pantheists explores their experimental side on this record, this is not your typical funeral Doom Metal band, in case you were wondering.

Although it feels different, it sounds so right, I was a little disappointed and first because I thought the album was too disperse for my tastes, but once you really understand the concept, you begin to feel and hear this album, you can listen tracks like "Wrath" and "Sloth" and really understand what we're dealing here.

I won't explain each song and all the little details they contain, the review would be endless. I just will say, proceed carefully, this album has to be listened with the proper predisposition, you'll encounter something different from the debut record but I'm sure in more than one way, that you'll find this musically reassuring and amazingly complex.

Written by Undercraft | 06.10.2005


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Bands like Skepticism and Thergothon have haunted the scene of funeral doom metal and it is really difficult for someone to sound innovative and take the sound of the genre some steps further nowadays. Gladly, there are bands that are an exception to the rule and, of course, I am referring to bands like The Funeral Orchestra and Pantheist and I am here to talk about the latter band's recent album "Amartia", while the former are preparing the successor of the apocalyptic and chaotic "Feeding The Abyss".

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17.01.2010 - 14:29
Liver Failure
Amazing premise, thematic this album is simply perfect. Musically, I just didnt like the ''Apologeia'', damn boring song, only in the last minute it gets some power and sounds awesome. But lots of drone riffs passages makes this album a show of atmosphere.

Wrath is simply amazing, an almost black metal piece, best song of the album to me .

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/
12.05.2013 - 04:12
A man is going to commit the seven deadly sins one by one, challenging god to punish him. By this he hopes to prove God's existence.

And just like in "Is There" by epic doomsters Solitude Aeturnus, when the character in the lyrics yells, "Where is God?" there is nothing but silence.

God is dead.

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