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Impaled Nazarene - Ugra-Karma review


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Band: Impaled Nazarene
Album: Ugra-Karma
Release date: 1993

01. Goatzied
02. The Horny And The Horned
03. Sadhu Satana
04. Chaosgoat Law
05. Hate
06. Gott Ist Tot [Antichrist War mix version]
07. Coraxo
08. Soul Rape
09. Kali-Yaga
10. Cyberchrist
11. False Jehova
12. Sadistic 666 / Under A Golden Shower
13. Satanic Masowhore
14. Conned Thru Life [Diabolical Penis mix version]

Well, Impaled Nazarene need no special introductions, they are one of the first bands to come out of Finland playing dirty-thrash oriented black metal (in the 90s vein always). A band sinister, twisted, morbid. How couldn't this band be twisted since Mika Luttinen is the main figure behind it?

"Ugra Karma" (1993 - their second full-length release) is their last album concerning the pure evil lyrical background and aesthetic before nuclear power leak, weapons of mass destruction and alcohol started flowing through their lyrics (well, alcohol was flowing in their veins for a long time, they just let it enrich their lyrics as well from a moment and on). Even the cover is quite artistic and at the same time blasphemous, pacing with the lyrics of Impaled Nazarene.

The album is raging, like a maelstrom destroying everything on its way to Heaven, and you will find only a few mid-tempo passages in "Ugra Karma". No keyboards make their appearance as well, except for some passages counted on the fingers of one hand, some keyboard pieces that evoke a mystic feeling in the air, harmonizing wonderfully with the overall blasphemous aesthetic of the album whenever they echo. The guitars cut like razors with their never-ending riffing which is actually ultra-fast, having the charisma to lead the audience to endless and fierce head-banging! They know how to raise Hell with their music and they prove this with this masterpiece bearing the name "Ugra Karma"! The guitars lead the way and the rhythm section accompanies them in the most appropriate and raging way and all together pave the way for Mika Luttinen to unleash Hell spitting curses here and there and howling like a sinner burning in the pits of Hell. Whenever he screams he sounds as twisted like no other!

"Ugra Karma" is about 41 minutes long and guess what, it consists of 14 compositions! The songs are not lengthy and this makes the album flow greatly with Impaled Nazarene achieving what such a band deserves to achieve: an intense, raw, evil and sinister feeling! Even the production is very good for a black metal release of 1993 and helps the great ideas sound even more raw and aggressive! The album flows definitely in a unique way as one and whenever you place it in the cd-player you listen to it as a whole for sure. Well, if I had to choose some songs I'd definitely not forget monumental pieces of "extreme aggression" like the killer opener that makes the listener realize what will follow, "Goatzied", "Sadhu Satana", "Gott Ist tot", "The Horny And The Horned", "Kali-Yaga", "Coraxo", "Cyberchrist", "Sadistic 666/Under A Golden Shower" etc. I am stopping mentioning songs because this album has no weak moments and if I keep on referring to songs I will mention the whole album!

"Ugra Karma" is one of those albums that every extreme metal admirer should own! Definitely one of the best that came out in the first half of the 90s from Scandinavia!


Written on 16.10.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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