Dråpsnatt - Skelepht review


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Band: Dråpsnatt
Album: Skelepht
Release date: April 2012

01. Meningslösheten
02. Klardrömmar
03. Skelepht
04. Tonerna Till Vårt Slut
05. Échec
06. Förruttnelsens Hypostaser
07. Valan
08. Intigheten

Vinterfader and Narstrand are back again with another excellent take on atmospheric black metal with the typical pagan themes and hints of experimentation becoming synonymous with Dråpsnatt. Fans of the band will not be disappointed, and newcomers are urged to check this out immediately.

Skelepht, the band's third full-length release, follows up Hymner till undergången perfectly in that it features many of the same elements as its predecessor, yet continues to grow in subtle ways that further progress the band's sound. The depressive undertones and folk influences are still present, while the melodies that were more prevalent are somewhat subdued this time around in order to make way for some atmospheric piano passages - and in the case of "Échec", a haunting two-minute piano instrumental.

With such a strong focus on creating a woeful atmosphere, the drums take quite a back seat to the rest of the music and the vocals are given more focus - the tortured screams and eerie howls of a delusional, remorseful man. Folkloric chants are used sparingly, but they do give the album a genuine pagan feel, which lends itself to the somber atmosphere. Background synths provide a subtle symphonic vibe, but for the most part Skelepht sticks to black metal's more traditional extremity without venturing into cheesy territory.

In keeping with the pagan themes, the album takes its name from the city of Skellefteå (home to Vintersorg), a city within Norrland - the last Swedish territory to be Christianized. Times have changed since the formerly unexplored region basked in the glory of isolation, for now its landscape consists primarily of mines and buildings, much to the dismay of our musicians. This feeling of loathing pervades the album, in spite of some truly beautiful melodic elements and its sorrowful atmosphere.

With a run time of 45 minutes spread over eight tracks, Skelepht takes a bit of effort to digest, but its less extreme elements are prevalent enough to entice listeners of various metal genres. Vinterfader and Narstrand once again use their inspiration to create something dark and simultaneously uplifting, leaving fans immensely satisfied, and wondering what they'll come up with next.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Production: 9


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