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Midnight Priest - Midnight Priest
30 August 2011

01. Sábado Negro
02. Feitiço Do Cabedal
03. Ferro Em Brasa
04. A Uma Caveira Dourada
05. Segredo De Família
06. Triunfo Do Aço
07. No Calor Do Inferno
08. Cidade Fantasma
09. À Boleia Com O Diabo

Midnight Priest is a Portuguese band that was born in mid-2008 and is already being talked about here in Portugal. After the great success that was the EP Rainha Da Magia Negra, Midnight Priest shows us their first album called Midnight Priest.

Midnight Priest play their sound according to traditional heavy metal, NWOBHM and their inspiration comes from bands like Iron Maiden, King Diamond, and Mercyful Fate. This album is an injection of nostalgia, you will be reminded of the years when NWOBHM was at its peak; the riffs, the vocals, the solos, everything is a visit to the past. If you are a big fan of Iron Maiden and King Diamond this is definitely an album for you.

One thing that you have to know about Midnight Priest is that they sing in their mother tong, in Portuguese, but the music does not lose quality - on the contrary it gains quality because they adapted the Portuguese language very well to their style and never gets boring. Beyond that, I respect them a lot for singing in their mother tongue, for me all the bands should make at least one song sung in their native tongue and bands like Midnight Priest, which sing in their mother tongue and yet are very good, deserve respect.

They play their music without much trouble; they know what they do and I see that they have fun playing. The music flows in their veins. The lyrics are also fantastic. I'm Portuguese so understand what they sing and I can say that the lyrics are very good and sometimes funny; the song "Feitiço Do Cabedal" is my favorite in terms of songwriting. This album only loses in one regard, which is that some riffs are very similar with a few riffs of Iron Maiden songs so you can see a big influence.

Finally I want to say that this band won the W.O.A metal battle in Portugal and will go to Wacken to show their work. Good luck to them.

Album highlights - "Sabado Negro", "Cidade Fantasma"," Feitiço Do Cabedal"

Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Band profile: Midnight Priest
Album: Midnight Priest


written by basquetal | 12.07.2012

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