Darkness By Oath - Near Death Experience
23 March 2012

01. Into The Gloom...
02. In An Obscure Eternity
03. Viole(n)t Intentions
04. N.D.E.
05. A Cry Of Terror (Voices From Nowhere)
06. Holloworld
07. Steams Of Blood
08. Unequivocal Evil Excitement
09. Fallen Angel Of Death
10. Last Emotion
11. Terror In Thousand Faces

My teef hurt and I'm probably going into a diabetic coma. It's what happens when you eat nothing but white bread with a heap of sugar on it. Wait...That didn't actually happen, I just listened to Near Death Experience in it's entirety is all.

Dan Swanö apparently really digs these guys. That was once a really good sign; after all, his endorsement probably helped expose a lot of us to Hail Of Bullets, which turned out really nicely, but it seems recently he's giving the thumbs up to some of the most boring death metal bands around. Darkness By Oath is a continuation of this trend. Essentially, this music is dry, copy + paste modern death metal; you know the type; seamless, pristine, crisp, with a tighter sense of time than most Rolex's, and also completely soulless. Soulless in a boring, uninteresting way, not the cool, evil, menacing sort of way.

Well, seems D.B.O. realized just how boring their music actually was, because each song seems to revolve entirely around a melody or two which feel like slapped-on afterthoughts. It's a rock and a hard place listening to this album; on one hand, you've got these juvenile melodies which kill the death metal feel, and accentuate just how generic the rest of the music is, yet when these melodies are absent, the bore-factor is about as ignorable as a railroad spike to the back of the skull.

In many ways, Darkness By Oath really has a sort of Children Of Bodom quality to them; using sugary sweet melodies, which, if slowed down and translated into less aggressive surroundings, would make halfway decent fastfood jingles as a compensation for their otherwise thoroughly un-dynamic songs. This should make them immensely popular in some circles. Granted, these riffs are incredibly catchy, which is probably the one redeeming (even if eventually irritating) quality of Near Death Experience - hell, these melodies almost make this album damn near enjoyable sometimes. Perhaps a less misleading title would have been Nearly A Death Metal Experience.

A huge recommendation for wussbags who can't handle death metal but want to say they listen to death metal.


Written on 13.08.2012 by
Doc Godin
Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.
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Malignar - 14.08.2012 at 21:27  
Woah, they couldn't have made this more boring could they? Tired In Flames riffs with oddly bad vocals (how do you mess up death metal vocals?) and the driest/flatest production you can think of...ugh.

I can't believe the same guy that wrote Eaten likes this band.
Lucas_Nt - 21.08.2012 at 23:32  
(For Reviewers:) Excuse me for not being aware but I really wonder how the "reviews part" in this site works. For example: Are you given some albums (let's say 5/month) by the "boss" and you have to sumbit it here every now and then? Or you have the freedom to choose whatever albums you want?

Cause if it happens the second, then you must be some kind of masochist that won't mind to "torture" your ears with musical genres you obviously detest (Melodic Death Metal). You really heard melodies in a MDM album? You don't say... I would suggest you to stick to your hardcore,badass, extreme & pure Death Metal that you like, elitist..
Doc Godin - 22.08.2012 at 00:03  
Written by Lucas_Nt on 21.08.2012 at 23:32

Cause if it happens the second, then you must be some kind of masochist that won't mind to "torture" your ears with musical genres you obviously detest (Melodic Death Metal). You really heard melodies in a MDM album? You don't say... I would suggest you to stick to your hardcore,badass, extreme & pure Death Metal that you like, elitist..

Lemme guess; you like this band, saw a negative review for their album, and tried to legitimize an attempt to discredit the reviewer by jumping to the broad assumption that he hates all melodeath based upon that one review. Fantastic work, my friend, but it's clear you have no clue what you're talking about.

Links to 8 melodeath/meloblack/gothenburg albums I've reviewed in the past year which I've given favourable reviews to:

I've written 125 reviews this year, only a small number of them being melodeath. I don't feel like going back and revisiting each review to find out the exact ratio, but I'm pretty sure over half the melodeath albums I've reviewed this year have been positive.

If you don't agree with the review, cool, but don't try and paint the reviewer with one broad brush based upon no actual knowledge.
Lucas_Nt - 22.08.2012 at 12:06  
Well to be honest I indeed didn't expect you will ever give a good rate to any "melodic" release, but that's you responsible about it with your disrespectful critisism in this one ("sugar sweet melodies", "juvenile melodies which kill the death metal feel", "A huge recommendation for wussbags who can't handle death metal"). Also most of these releases you posted are considered hybrids of Death with very few melodic elements (except maybe for Synarchy or Allegaeon) and NOT strictly "Melodic death metal" that we're talking about.

To end it here, I will just say that I liked the album - though I don't think its a masterpiece. Its a very descent Melodic Death release that any fan of the genre will enjoy. I would only understand your negativeness if they band used any keyboards (huge frustration of true metalheads/death-sters) or clean vocals in every chorus. And these, are inexistent in the album.

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