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Band: Toxik
Album: World Circus
Release date: 1987

01. Heart Attack
02. Social Overload
03. Pain And Misery
04. Voices
05. Door To Hell
06. World Circus
07. 47 Seconds of Sanity/Count Your Blessings
08. False Prophets
09. Haunted Earth
10. Victims

"Panem et circenses!" Said a wise man back in the day. Nowadays it's getting more and more important. Those lucky ones who know Toxik have the pleasure of hearing the mocking explanation behind those words in a very pleasant and mind draining way. A real gem that due to its diversity and meaningful playing will never be worn out. Back to the famous quote, look at the cover. That's exactly what's happening. Well packed and suited clowns started an automated and (in the long run) self-destructive process that's causing us "Heart Attack", "Social Overload", "Pain And Misery"; "Voices" in our heads whispering to buy more! and opening a "Door To Hell" to get an outside view on the "World Circus" with gaining "47 Seconds Of Sanity". Then, an imminent return as "False Prophets" approach you via the channels of this "Haunted Earth" so we become "Victims" of the "Machine Dream".

The thing I like about Toxik is that it has such energy and talent that it cannot be simply reproduced or expanded further. My personal opinion says that intensity is key to good music and these guys did an amazing job on the field. As a musician myself when I listen to music sometimes I like to figure alternate melodies, additional tracks and riffs to the songs, but you know what? No matter how hard I've tried to do the same when listening to them I cannot do it. No way. It is SO DENSE musically that I couldn't figure out anything to fill it in. While most of the time they use very technical riffs mixed with melodies they do include some killer thrash figures as well. I envy Josh Christian's guitar skills and the style he plays. Not to mention Mike Sanders' singing abilities; he really adds a bright spot to the music with the long-twisted high pitch notes.

So much talent, yet they are so overlooked - they should swap places with Justin Beiber and all the crap we hear and see on TV.

But be aware: Bow to his glory and now prepare for the fall of the... World Circus!

P.S.: I think I'd stay in hell...

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 10
Production: 9

Written by qlacs | 18.11.2012


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I am so glad Thrash Metal existed before I was born because, if what we hear today was all there was, this genre wouldn't be my favorite. But thanks to bands like the recently discovered Toxik, I have an opportunity to dive into the fathomless depths of the 80's Thrash, with its countless bands and ideas they put forward. Unfortunately, just like many other not so popular but great Thrash bands, Toxik disbanded in the nineties, namely in 1992. They have reunited in 2007 though and reissued their only two albums, one which I am going to review. Ladies and gents, please welcome, World Circus.

published 25.09.2008 | Comments (2)

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