Severe Torture - Fall Of The Despised review


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Band: Severe Torture
Album: Fall Of The Despised
Release date: November 2005

01. Endless Strain Of Cadavers
02. Sawn Off
03. Unconditional Annihilation
04. Consuming The Dying
05. Impulsive Mutilation
06. Dead From The Waist up
07. Decree Of Darkness
08. Enshrined In Madness
09. End Of Christ
10. Fall Of The Despised

This album is by far one of the best Death Metal releases this year, the music is pure hostility combined with incredible structures and awesome execution; the lyrical content is really original (not profound or poetical just unusual), the production is perfect and even the artwork and layout is mind-blowing, what else do you need to call this an excellent album?

Severe Torture used to play sickening Brutal Death Metal, and they were really good at doing it actually, but now they are back with "evolution" carved in their foreheads, they are still really brutal in fact, but they are now more focused in creating amazing Death Metal with better atmospheres than just brutality and chaos. Every single track shows a better side of this band, a more "mature" and experienced side, everything from the songwriting to the arrangements are proof of what this band can do, even the effects sound better this time. I can't believe the progress these guys made in less than 3 years.

The music is excellent, the songs are catchier than ever and the overall sound is tightened marvelously; even though the band per se is incredibly good, every instrument and each musician shines on its own, every chord, every beat and every tone is worth highlighting. The fourth track for example, starts slowly with a melodious introduction (the drumming there is unbelievable) then the brutality enters with a crushing riff and with the ride going fast as hell, as this tune flows each instrument has at least one amazing emphasis showing us the capabilities of each member of the band, the song ends with a devastating pause after a small but good guitar solo.

I found many incredible features in this album, and I'm really sure many metalheads will do the same as they hear this CD personally. So my recommendation is go right now to the nearest metal shop in your area and get yourself a copy of one of the greatest releases Death Metal saw this year.

Best Tracks: "Consuming The Dying", "Endless Strain Of Cadavers", "Impulsive Mutilation"

Written by Herzebeth | 29.12.2005



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15.10.2010 - 16:34
Really an Excellent album...An yes this do deserve a 10. Its brutal, nicely writen quite matured and pure headbanging metal:banger:

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