On-Off - Don't Forget The Roll review

Band: On-Off
Album: Don't Forget The Roll
Release date: 2012

01. Another Bone To Suck
02. That's What I Call Rock'n'Roll
03. Catch The Bunny
04. Money Makes Money
05. Turn Off My Brain Control
06. On The Railroad
07. Don't Put Your Finger (In Every Hole You Find)
08. She Drank All My Booze
09. Let's Play The Fools
10. Every Stone Got To Roll Someday
11. The Last On The List

An AC/DC cover going out in the open and releasing a personal album? Why not, as long as it's not pure copypasting… And that does sound difficult given our Italians' background, right? Well, even if this Don't Forget The Roll is On-Off's second album, the AC/DC worship is still all over the place, and then some. Hell, even the band's name refers to that famous Aussie band. That said, this is quite well done, with a groovy feeling and featuring nice riffs and solos. Those often sound not totally unknown, but always with a twist - and I have to say, Matteo and Davide are good axemen.

"Don't Put Your Finger (In Every Hole You Find)" might not be very subtle a title, but well, On-Off do play hard rock and stay true to its classical lyrical themes: sex, drugs (or alcohol like with "She Drank All My Booze"), and rock'n'roll (most of the rest). No surprises here either, and I indeed can imagine one of the musicians with a bottle of Jack's in one hand, and a half-naked stripper in the other… Oh well, whatever.

Conclusion: there's nothing to criticize, really, apart of an utter lack of originality - but that's kinda their point anyway. Still, there's a little lack of punch that is a bit disappointing, even if the album goes along nicely. All in all, On-Off are your local average-to-good hard-rockers; they're probably fun onstage, but do you bother to buy their albums?


Written on 03.12.2012 by Once your regular Hellfest reporter, now retired. I (strangely enough) listen to a lot of metal. And enjoy good beers, comics, novels and role-playing games.


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The innuendos... they BURN...
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The innuendos... they BURN...

My penis got burned too.

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