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Band: Gojira
Album: L'Enfant Sauvage
Release date: June 2012

Disc I
01. Explosia
02. L'Enfant Sauvage
03. The Axe
04. Liquid Fire
05. The Wild Healer
06. Planned Obsolescence
07. Mouth Of Kala
08. The Gift Of Guilt
09. Pain Is A Master
10. Born In Winter
11. The Fall
12. This Emptiness [Special edition bonus]
13. My Last Creation [Special edition bonus]

Disc II [DVD: Live At Les Eurockéennes 2009] [Special edition bonus]
01. Oroborus
02. The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
03. Backbone
04. Love
05. A Sight To Behold
06. The Art Of Dying
07. Drum Solo
08. Clone
09. Flying Whales
10. Toxic Garbage Island
11. Vacuity

This album is essentially Gojira in a box, one which is tightly and neatly packaged for your convenience. There is little room for maneuvering yet it has sides strong enough to withstand the onslaught of chugging riff savagery contained within. Where previous albums such as From Mars To Sirius were more sprawling affairs this is by far more concise in sound. It is a precise taming of that ear denting chaos the band has exhibited in previous efforts.

Unfortunately this means a great withdrawal from the progressive aspect to their sound. While remaining technically proficient there is a tendency to overemphasise their primary asset; the thrash fueled and technical guitar work is extremely concentrated and is often too controlled to move freely. This impedes considerably on how frequent and fluent the shifts in sound are and there is a narrow scope within which to create flow in the music. Track length places an added emphasis upon this, and in the confined space the vocals are brought to the forefront. The album hammers on in a relentlessly linear manner despite all the clever techniques such as the intricate picking, palm muting and chord sliding and can really be overbearing. Transitional components are frequent but are often re-utilised in a similar manner to give precedence to a continuous and, at times, repetitive slew of well performed guitar work.

Gojira seem more complacent to restrain the progressive elements and obey a more typically defined death structured metal album, by their own standards at least. For some this will prove disappointing yet it doesn't stray from their own unique sound, it is simply a focused rendering of what the band sees as the primary assets within their compositions.

There are however some moments reminiscent of a less honed meandering characteristic of previous albums, such as the second half of the first track "Explosia" or the enveloping "Mouth of Kala". "Born In Winter" in particular, a deceptive and subtly brilliant track centered on the vocals of Joe Duplantier, bears a resemblance to the prior tendency to inject a more gradual sliding change in chords. Embellished with a stunning chorus this song is considerably different to the way in which the rest of this album is constructed.

Though not immediately obvious it is the drum work, above all, which gives this album its satisfying consistency. While the guitars take precedence the drums handled by Mario Duplantier are excellently well utilised within the song writing to liven the sometimes overbearing lack of variation.

The band seems to have a very direct approach in this effort and it shows. Everything is adrenaline pumping about the tight song writing which is inclined to a familiar medium pace. Yet the album as an entirety sounds a little stagnant and diversity is sorely lacking.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 9


Written on 10.12.2012 by R'Vannith enjoys music, he's hoping you do too.

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Gojira have marked their position on the map of great metal bands with two records: 2005's From Mars to Sirius and 2008's The Way of All Flesh. I consider myself a huge fan of the French commando and these two albums are among my all-time favorites. So you can imagine that my expectations were incredibly high and I expected something absolutely out of this world with Gojira's fifth full-length. And probably this is one of the reasons I found this album to be just…decent.

published 08.12.2012 | Comments (6)

Guest review by
Prior to 2008's The Way Of All Flesh, Gojira could almost be called a gimmick band. Get a super heavy riff, make it catchy but fuck with it just a little so as to feel fresh and interesting, have some great drumming underneath, add a little quirky touch, done is your Gojira record.

published 26.02.2020 | Comments (1)

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Written by MR.Ayman on 20.03.2013 at 09:44

Week death metal week riifing and the idea of the riffs is very boring and gay riffs to my ears 3/10

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IDIOTS who rates this shit U give Evoken a 9.1 and this 7.7 i dont think ppl on this website know what good metal is sometimes

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