Deeds Of Flesh - Crown Of Souls review


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Band: Deeds Of Flesh
Album: Crown Of Souls
Release date: 2005

01. Crown Of Souls
02. Medical Murder
03. Hammer-Forged Blade
04. Forced Attrition
05. This Macabre Fetish
06. The Resurrected
07. Incontestably Evil
08. Crimson Offering
09. Caught Devouring

Now this is what I call Brutal Death Metal, Crown Of Souls should be the album of the year regarding this genre, this CD is a crushing block of stone falling violently at the top of your head.

I really appreciate when a band bothers to release a well produced album in every way; the design and artwork are brilliant, the cover is in one word "Spectacular", and even the layout seems great and professional. What about the music you might ask, well the music is just as good as everything else, this time Deeds OF Flesh came back more brutal than ever and actually more mature than ever, the music is their best work to date if you ask me, for those who thought Reduced To Ashes had slow parts this new album is just for you, it comes with fresher and greater music actually.

Let me clear things out a little, this is still Deeds OF Flesh, so even though they refined their sound a little bit they still sound Brutal as fuck and violent as a kick in the nuts, this record just shows a better side of chaos that's all. The music wrapping the tunes is really catchy, I remember the old days when Deeds OF Flesh played monochromatic chords over and over again, not this time, with Crown Of Souls this band explores different sides of brutality, there are even a lot of complex structures in every tune, that's more than enough to say they changed.

This CD has been spinning on my stereo for weeks, and I'm sure it will stay there for a long time now; those riffs are just admirable and unforgettable (I can't get "The Resurrected" out of my head damn it), so you know what you're getting yourself into, brutal music, catchy guitar riffs, shivering vocals, amazing Bass-lines (this instrument overwhelmed me actually), cool booklet and insane music…what the fuck are you waiting for, go buy this piece now.

Final Verdict: Great album that shows an interesting change. Well produced Brutal Death.

Best Tracks: "The Resurrected", "Caught Devouring", "Crown Of Souls"

Written by Herzebeth | 10.12.2005



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Best of Deeds Of Flesh for sure!

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