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Band: In This Moment
Album: The Dream
Release date: September 2008

Disc I
01. Into the Dream : The Rabbit Hole
02. Endless Days And Nights : Forever
03. Forever Infinity : All For You
04. Storm : Lost At Sea
05. Standing In The Rain : Mechanical Love
06. Underworld : Her Kiss
07. Promise : Into The Light
08. Unconditional : You Always Believed
09. Empires Fall And Rise Again : The Great Divide
10. Imagine : Violet Skies
11. Rabbit Hole : The Dream
12. Sailing Away [Japanese bonus]
13. Endless Days And Nights: Forever [instrumental version][Japanese bonus]
14. Endless Days And Nights: Forever [radio edit version][Japanese bonus]

Disc II [Limited Edition]
01. Endless Days And Nights : Forever [radio edit version]
02. Endless Days And Nights : Forever
03. Endless Days And Nights : Forever [instrumental version]
04. A Journey Into The Rabbit Hole [interview]

Disc III [The Ultra Violet Edition]
01. Call Me [Blondie cover]
02. Sailing Away
03. A Dying Star
04. Endless Days And Nights: Forever [radio edit version]
05. Call Me [Blondie cover][instrumental version]

Let's take a look at The Dream from the metalcore band In This Moment. They brought us a pretty kickass album last time with Beautiful Tragedy.

Now it's time for The Dream an album that dropped all the metalcore elements and switched to a more girly rock path. It did not get me as excited as Beautiful Tragedy, but at least the music tried to get me to listen.

The album was so boring to listen to. It may be because I'm a pure hardcore metal fan or that I'm a guy who isn't into girly rock music for thirteen year girls who write in their diary every day about a boy they like. No I'm not into the nice atmosphere of the music or the hard rock roots of the album. It wasn't pleasing to listen to.

I was expecting Maria to scream my ears out but nope, I get this. Although the performance of the music is highly positive I still can't seem to get the good stuff in my head.

At least I'm not the only one to feel this. Though many will say this album is awesome but I don't feel they look at this from a metalhead point of view.

So, to wrap this up the album is average and I shouldn't give it a bad score for what my ears say. Yes, this album has a great design of hard rock element and Maria's vocals in the songs are as good as her screaming. Yes, I would recommend this to most In This Moment fans that are in love with them (The Real Fans).

So be it. To all it's a good listen; it is average but if you can't take my word for it, listen to it yourself.

Written by Epictemptation | 29.01.2013


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