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Within Temptation - The Heart Of Everything review


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Band: Within Temptation
Album: The Heart Of Everything
Release date: March 2007

01. The Howling
02. What Have You Done [feat. Keith Caputo]
03. Frozen
04. Our Solemn Hour
05. The Heart Of Everything
06. Hand Of Sorrow
07. The Cross
08. Final Destination
09. All I Need
10. The Truth Beneath The Rose
11. Forgiven
12. The Last Time [bonus]
13. Sounds Of Freedom [bonus]
14. Blue Eyes [bonus]
15. What Have You Done [extended version] [bonus]

After the miraculous fame of The Silent Force and the criticism that was attach to it, fans of the symphonic/gothic metal act Within Temptation didn't know what they could exactly expect from them. Leaving the common gothic/doom metal setting many bands were approaching in those day for a more orchestral theme, they created The Silent Force. Also if you haven't listened to the The Silent Force it was basically a show off or a brag on mezzo soprano powerhouse Sharon Den Adel. The Silent Force was not all dandy and perfect. But it did prove that Within Temptation was not just another passing by symphonic metal band. They were up there next to bands like Therion and Nightwish.

But enough of that let's go dissect their fourth stupid album The Heart Of Everything (THOE). Like The Silent Force this album is yet another victory for WT (at least the commercial performace of it was). From the first song till the end you can visualize the image of THOE. Dark, atmospheric, and improved. Sharon Den Adel totally saved this album from being a wreck of a comeback. Creativity was more present than on The Silent Force.

"The Howling" started off the album fast and freely. From that song you can already see the difference in improvement compared to WT's previous album. After that, every song was just good to listen to. Good orchestral elements ranged in songs from "Hand Of Sorrow" to "The Truth Beneath The Rose". Vocals from Sharon Den Adel sound different than on any other WT album. You might say she had a well rounded range in this album. Not really angelic. A can you describe it...half evil/half powerful tune. The best example that can describe it is the song "The Heart Of Everything".

There are some flaws in the album (even though this album is a good listen) and it can also be more dull at some moments. Perhaps I feel this way because I've listened to this album so many times throughout my metal life. My biggest problem is the lack of ballads. "Forgiven" was my least favorite due to the fact it was very, very slow.

You might say of this album that it is no Enter with death vocals. But Sharon's vocals do make up for it. I mean Robert was really bad at doing death vocals. Also a problem some people have is that they assume and drift away from WT because of the "'What Have You Done' commercial written all over it problem". An aim for commercialism is something that shouldn't stop you from enjoying an album. I don't see the pop in it. Even if it is the album still kicks ass. Ex. Nightwish "Nemo" , not much criticism for that, why this?

To sum it up this album is dark, but still bright as Mother Earth. Good album, some might not like it, but most will.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by BlackHalo83 | 02.04.2013


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Staff review by
What have you done? What have you done guys to the beautiful music that you used to plays in the past? I'm still trying to find a good and honest answer but the only one that I found is market, marketing, money, whatever… "The Silent Force" was already a bit deceiving, at least at the first listening because with time (even if I will ever say that the little electronic beats there and there were a terrible mistake) it was ok and some of the songs were more than alright. But even if we have some better things (no more stupid beats) on "The Heart Of Everything", I'm still disappointed, the new album of Within Temptation is just an average album of Pop Metal perfectly build for MTV…

published 04.05.2007 | Comments (55)

Guest review by
Behold Within Temptation, probably one of most popular symphonic metal bands out there. After Mother Earth was released many fans were surprised that the band changed the style of their music. But the album itself was one of the best of that year so its success basically covered up the fact that this band was heading towards a different pathway in metal (gothic/doom metal to symphonic/gothic metal). Then The Silent Force was released in 2004 and we all now knew that Within Temptation was not coming back to their original style for now. But behold their 4th studio album The Heart Of Everything and boy there were a lot of fans who were worried that this band was done (if they were not satisfied about (The Silent Force being more symphonic metal/rock).

published 24.10.2012 | Comments (0)


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*Studio NOT STUPID, haha

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