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Band: Prisma
Album: You Name It
Release date: January 2012

01. Epigone
02. 8
03. Alpha Fiasko
04. 123 Part 1
05. -
06. Broker
07. The Loyal
08. God's Heir
09. Seceder
10. Armada Insanity
11. Trigger Architect

Warning: The word Tool will be over-mentioned in this article .

Before I begin talking about Prisma's latest, I need to make something clear here . In the last few years, we noticed a decent number of bands being wholly influenced by the dynamical structures & evolving sound of none other than the American progressive rock mynheers, Tool . You can notice the tendency toward a much more deeper sound with melodic and apparent bass lines, irregular time signatures, Adam Jones' kinda riffs & spiritual soundscapes that transgress the typical approach of composition in rock and metal music. In bands such as Rishloo, Soen, Isis, & Mastodon you can notice the aforementioned tendencies . Even slightly affected by the Toolish elements like Katatonia's Dead End Kings as some critics described. This simply goes on because Tool successfully created a whole genre of their own over the past two decades and validate it with their penetrating lyrics and their artistic and weird music videos aspects that gave them a firm yet innovating identity .

The Swiss Prisma is not different from the aforementioned bands, but on their second studio album, You Name It, we can see the birth of Prisma's own sound, even though it's not quite clear yet . If you'd pretend that you have never heard of a band named Tool, you can see the different approach they took in "Epigon ", "Broker" and at the end of "God's Heir" . But away from those tracks, the album still sound Toolish!

We can't consider them original without any actual experimentation, but they're actually good in what they are doing. Armed with their powerful explosive guitar riffs, big sinuous bass lines, progressive tribal drums arrangement and the mystical vocals of Michael Luginbühl, which almost sound Sufi which I personally admired, Prisma managed to deliver a decent progressive rock album. You Name It will interest prog-fans as well as Tool fans who will find homage in "Seceder" since they almost gave up their patience from waiting 7 years for the reluctant Tool to produce a new record .

In overall, I'm glad that Prisma passed the "2nd album curse" but I am not sure if they can manage to produce any different or more personal sound in the future. Even though as a Tool fan, hearing a similar sound to my favorite band will get me excited, I'll stick to what Steven Wilson said in an interview, that metal is decaying by the copycat approach and no new accomplishments on the experimentation level (except for some bands of course).

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 5
Production: 8

Written by Obay | 18.09.2013


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