Cannibal Accident - Lennu review

Band: Cannibal Accident
Album: Lennu
Release date: August 2013

01. Orgiastic Hypothermia
02. Nuclear Semenstorm
03. Chili Con Carnage
04. Total End?
05. Dawn Of The Dead
06. Rectum Loosener

So I get this review request right, and I'm all like, grindcore from a Finnish band? "Sweet.", I say as I read further.

Their bio states: "Cannibal Accident was founded to bring you old school grindcore with quality mosh parts." Okay, this could go either way here, but unfortunately, it didn't work out so well; and here's why.

Grindcore is fun. It's supposed to fun. It's fast metallic punk, it's got fun lyrics and fantastic grooves. Regardless of all of the above, the music itself should still be taken seriously. Cannibal Accident however, put off a way different vibe. First, the vocals; never before have I heard such laughable, "omg" inducing, and absolutely atrocious vocals. To be 100% honest, Anal Cunt's Seth Putnam (God rest his soul) would be a nice replacement here. The whole performance ranges from generic burp style gutturals, to a sort of whiney high pitch scream/yelp that makes dogs run in fear.

The vocals themselves are the majority of why this album feels immature. Musically, it's fairly solid. There are some good riffs, and fun "quality mosh parts" (also known as breakdowns, despite however hard the publicist tries to hide it). The drums are mediocre, blasting away endlessly for most of the short duration that is this EP. If not blasting, it's just a simplistic generic punk style fill. However, this isn't too much of a letdown, since who really expects to have technical and varied drumming in a grind release? (Oh wait, all of us - ba-fricking-zinga)

I then read on through the promo page, and this caught my eye. "In the beginning of the year 2007, Lenets and Kolkka were boozing at their hometown and they ended up in a local rock club."

And there we have it; the band formed at the end of a classic Finnish booze binge. Taken that into account, it's exactly what this EP sounds like.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 6
Songwriting: 4
Originality: 5
Production: 7

Written by Boxcar Willy | 24.09.2013



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24.09.2013 - 23:07
I don't know I like the album, but then again I listen to almost anything along these lines. I give a 7.4 possibly.
24.09.2013 - 23:20
One of the shittiest album covers I'v ever saw
Giving my ears a rest from music.
25.09.2013 - 01:19
The Warchief
Haha ... dat album cover
25.09.2013 - 09:20
Why is this band was even added to MS? I don't even see any ratings to their releases...
29.09.2013 - 17:43
Thank you for reminding us,Finnish our drinking culture.
Olen täys idiootti jätkä.

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