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Dagoba - Dagoba review


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Band: Dagoba
Album: Dagoba
Release date: June 2003

01. From Torture To Enslavement
02. Maniak
03. The White Guy (And The Black Ceremony)
04. Something Stronger
05. Another Day
06. Fate Contained In A Cristal Ball
07. Year Of The Scape Goat
08. Dopesick
09. Act 1, part 2
10. Rush
11. The Chaos We're Involved In
12. Here We Are
13. 4.2 Destroy
14. Pornscars
15. Gods Forgot Me

Back in France for a month, I realized my own stupidity : I had left all my cds in England!! In search for new talents, I decided to refer to the advice of Deadsoulman, and the answer came back at lightning speed: Dagoba. I expected something calm, relaxing. I think I realized the hugeness of my mistake at the 40th second of the album when the singer shouts as if his life depended on it 'Get up! Wake up!', to start the first song 'Maniak'.

Dagoba then it is! For all I know of them, they are from Marseille [France] and this is their first real album after an acclaimed demo that granted them access to EMI, and that's already a performance in itself. Their style is to be classified in the nu/thrash one, and that's another good point. I have to admit that despite all the adventures that led to my possession of this album, it did appeal to me and stuck in my head a riff here and there, some screaming and a few choruses.

The first three songs make a very good quality opening for the album, and each of them individually is of high standard. Then comes 'Another Day', which constitute a more melodic alternative and succeeds easily in winning the heart of the listener. The following song, 'The Year Of The Scapegoat', one of my favourite song on the album with 'Maniak' and 'Gods Forgot Me', quickly gets us back to the normal brutality of the album. 'Dopesick' to me is a downturn but I don't know if I should call what I dislike about it lack of coherence or a too richly furnished structure. Any of them does the trick to me anyway… so feel free to pick up.

'Act1 Part2', on the contrary is a very enjoyable little rush of violence and speed. The next two songs, 'Rush' and 'Here We Are' are both good songs too, keeping up with the overall good quality of the album. So that leads us to '4.2 Destroy' which is another downturn, the last one, with its lack of variety which is lethal when you do violent and fast songs. Here we are with the ending of the album, 'Pornscars' and 'Gods Forgot Me', which just like the beginning is of high quality, mainly because of the latter.

That's it then, no surprise here [except if you are wise enough to do some fast search to the very end of the album], since I already said it a few lines above: this first album Dagoba is very good! I do advise you to rush to your nearest music shop to get it. Well done lads, especially since it's your first one!!!

Written by Maccas | 15.04.2006


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23.12.2009 - 23:53
Unasuming Madnes
Good album, but kind of overstays it welcome with its length. If they perhaps cut 4 or 5 songs from the album, this could have been a pretty slick album, but the formula just gets too old after about the 8th song. I think what really saves the album is the keyboards, which add just the right amount of variety and atmosphere to the songs so the somewhat repetitive blast beat composed songs have their own individuality.

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