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Ewigheim - Nachruf review


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Band: Ewigheim
Album: Nachruf
Release date: December 2013

01. Zwischen Menschen
02. Die Augen Zu
03. Am Meer
04. Heimweh
05. Ein Nachruf
06. Himmelfahrt
07. Falsches Herz
08. Liebes Lied
09. Glück im Unglück
10. Wenn es am schönsten ist
11. Sanctum Imperium [limited edition bonus]

Nachruf, which means Obituary in English, is a directly appealing Gothic metal album of the catchy kind. It's the latest release from the German band Ewigheim and fans of The Vision Bleak will recognise the voice behind the German lyricisms here, as they are those of Tobias Schönemann, better known by his stage name and alias "Allen B. Konstanz."

It's up to Allen B. to provide the voice, drum rhythms and piano pieces to the frame laid out by guitarist and programmer Ronny "Yantit" Fimmel, known for his work with Eisregen. The template that Yantit has designed here is simple and effective in its use of a singular guitar line, around which much of the album's hooks are attached.

These hooks hinge on the addition of electronic components and piano keys to the standard guitar and drum template. The German lyrics delivered by Allen B. work around infectious rhythms guaranteed to encourage movement in the listener, which really do become quite danceable at points, and everything about this album is designed and executed in a catchy fashion. The vocal performance is robust and Allen B. seems just as capable to express himself in German as he does in English with The Vision Bleak, a sign of an exceptional talent as he manages to uphold strong control over his style and he is identifiable across the two languages.

If there's one thing I would praise above all others when it comes to Nachruf it would be its time management. It's a short album and not a moment is soiled with overindulgence; it's very direct in its contrast of catchy yet dejected music. With no idle expression, this album is uncluttered, neat and refined. The guitars and drums are decidedly minimalistic in approach, providing the cleanly but dark metal frame which requires little variation in order to execute the album's simple yet effective hooks.

This will become apparent at the outset, as the first burst of melancholia in the concise opener "Zwishen Menschen" opens up this straightforward album composed of memorable melodies. Many of the tracks here are of quick and concise tempo and the electronic spots worked in amongst it all mark a peculiar contrast to the overall mood of an upbeat kind of Gothicism. The melodies are to be found in all of the album's elements; from the electronic, to the piano, to the vocal lines and driven home by the guitar.

Ewigheim have clearly been working on their sound for some time, and Nachruf is trimly crafted and devoid of any drab moments in its effective conciseness.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8


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