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Cattle Decapitation - To Serve Man review


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Band: Cattle Decapitation
Album: To Serve Man
Release date: 2002

01. Testicular Manslaughter
02. I Eat Your Skin
03. Writhe In Putressence
04. Land Of The Severed Meatus
05. Regurgitation Of Corpses
06. Everyone Deserves To Die
07. To Serve Man
08. Colonic Villus Biopsy Performed On The Gastro-Intestinally Incapable
09. Pedeadstrians
10. Long-Pig Chef And The Hairless Goat
11. Hypogastric Combustion By C-4 Plastique
12. Deadmeal
13. Chunk Blower

Uhm… I think I want my 20 bucks back or something; the point is "To Serve Man" is one of the most average albums ever in Gore history, and more if you think about the year it was released, 2002 was a great time for Goregrind and Grindcore in general; users saw the first full length album from Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis, Birdflesh Released Night Of The Ultimate Mosh (Brilliant album by the way) and there were other bands with great releases that year (Hemorrhage, Ghoul, Squash Bowels, etc.)

So Cattle Decapitation unfortunately wasn't as good as those bands mentioned, this album is just Goregrind without brains. I have to accept the fact that the members of this band can play marvelously and all, but they waste their skills by doing stupid approaches and really simplistic/brainless breakdowns; of course they'll impress a lot of people with the opening track, it has a great guitar solo and even some groovy riffs and blah blah, but that's it, the rest of the songs are just average as taking a piss in a clean toilet…nothing interesting at all, right?

I can see these guys sitting on their expensive couches while writing the songs for To Serve Man going like this: "oh dude, we should try writing something cool for this album…something Goreish like colonics" *Bong Hit + Coughs* "yeah Toootally …I think gore is like…goreish or stuff" *second bong hit* "that's it…We'll play the most brutal goregrind in our next album just as my friend the pink midget said". The songwriting is that bad my friends believe me, repetitive, tedious and boring.

The magical part comes when people actually like this album, as I already said this CD is Average, I never wrote Bad or hideous; so people who like Cannibal Corpse and think "yeah CC is so Gore metal" will surely dig this album, but the other metalheads who like or at least know about Torsofuck, Cock And Ball Torture, Last Days Of Humanity, etc. will see To Serve Man as one of the most uninteresting, tiresome, unoriginal and average albums ever made.

Written by Herzebeth | 29.04.2006


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I first heard of Cattle Decapitation thanks to Uncorrupted Steel 2, a various artists release by Metal Blade. The demo for "Cloacula: The Anthropophagic Copromantic" sounded absolutely crazy, raw, and like nothing else I had ever heard before. I quickly went out and bought their newest album. I then, just as quickly, wished that I hadn't. This album makes me literally sick to my stomach when I listen to it, a feat that the band may no doubt be proud of, but one that makes To Serve Man the worst album I have ever heard in my life.

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14.12.2006 - 03:52
Well, if you compare it with other gore bands then it doesn't seem so disgusting, but if you just think of them as a death metal band then it's seems better I guess. I like this album quite a bit, and I think that the vocals and the catchy guitar riffs highlight this album. Travis Ryan's vocals are more brutal than a slutty hamster with herpes.

My favorite track might be Long-Pig Chef And The Hairless Goat, but they're all good.
10.01.2007 - 04:24
Account deleted
i'm actrually a big fan of this band.i like them alot for their' ideals. they're not the most original band...but who cares....they shred at what they can do...and once again,i like their ideals....seeing how i'm Veg as well...and they definately get their point across with their lyrics....because its all true....its fucking disgusting how meat is made

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