Paganizer - No Divine Rapture review

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Band: Paganizer
Album: No Divine Rapture
Release date: July 2004

01. No Divine Rapture
02. On Your Knees
03. Nailed Forever
04. Brutally Torn Sanity
05. Devour Digest Defecate
06. Abscess In Black
07. The Plague That Hunts
08. Way Of The Rotting
09. Ingen Utväg

Another year passed by, and Paganizer released another album, my last encounter with the band was not bad at all, but wasn't memorable.
Paganizer plays Old School Death Metal, with some Thrash elements here and there, but basically plays Old School Death Metal, Swedish style.

Fifth album so far, and second one on Spanish label Xtreem Music, and I must say that this one is much better than their previous "Murder Death Kill" songs seem more cohesive, and the overall songwriting and musicianship has improved a lot. Of course still keeps the share of brutality that characterizes the band, so don't need to worry about that, Paganizer is not going soft or commercial, at least not for now.

Anyway, I had a really good time listening to this album it even have some really good moments, like "Nailed Forever" and "Way Of The Rotting", and by that, doesn't mean that the rest of the songs sucked or anything.

So, the downpoints, first, is Old School Death Metal, so don't expect anything too original, just a natural progression of their previous album (in case you heard it), also if you like deep and meaningful lyrics, look elsewhere, these guys aren't here to discuss metaphysical dramas.

Old School Death Metal, Swedish style, that's all I have to say about the new Paganizer album fans of the band, you'll like this, and for those that never heard the band before, you must ask yourselves one thing first, Do I like Old School Death Metal? If affirmative, proceed.

Written by Undercraft | 05.10.2004


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