Artrosis - Melange review


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Band: Artrosis
Album: Melange
Release date: 2002

01. Kolej Rzeczy?
02. Bez Złudzeń
03. Mało Słów
04. Melange
05. Codzienność
06. Gdzieś Pomiędzy
07. Twoja Otchłań
08. Angemel
09. Wiem
10. Spełnione Dni
11. Impre Sjon

My first encounter with this band from Poland was with "In Nomine Noctis" an early work of them, I really liked the little I listened, because it was a friend's Cd. So I received "Melange", their latest work, and let me tell you when I pressed the Play button on my record player, and the electronic sounds begun, I thought that I putted the wrong Cd in my player… I checked out the Cd and it said Artrosis - Melange ! ah? Ok. I listened again to track one "In a Daze", it reminded me of a lame 80´s pop song. Let's skip to the next song, "In Low Spirits" things are getting better here, now I appreciate the Melancholic vocals of Medeah, but still doesn't grab my attention.

The whole record is filled with electronic drumbeats and industrial sounds, and some gothic rock here and there. The high point of this Cd the female vocals, really melancholic and sorrowful. Don't get me wrong the Cd isn't bad, but I can't find the harmony between the industrial and the gothic parts.

Although some songs are really good, like "Was It Meant To Be Like This" and "Somewhere Between", the whole "dark danceable" vibe of the rest of the Cd doesn't grabs me.
If you like gothic rock with Electronic soundscapes and haunting female vocals, try this one, but if you're looking for some high quality gothic metal, search for the band's early material.

Written by Undercraft | 01.10.2003


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