Broken Arrow - Abyss Of Darkness review


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Band: Broken Arrow
Album: Abyss Of Darkness
Release date: 2003

01. Abyss Of Darkness
02. Invisible Heroes
03. The Gothic Line
04. Angels Of Fire
05. Stalingrad
06. The Call
07. Frozen Tears
08. Isaac Story (Part 1)
09. Isaac Story (Part 2)

Heavy/Power Metal from Italy, that's what Broken Arrow has to offer us in their debut album. For all who knows the actual metal scene, Heavy/Power Metal is a genre that we get from Italy a little too much I think… makes you wonder why some countries have some predisposition towards certain genres, like Gothic Metal from Finland, Black Metal from Norway, Death Metal from Sweden, and of course, Power Metal From Italy (and Germany as well).

Anyway, I've been listening this Cd for a while know, and I finally have something to say about it… but first let me guide you through some songs… The opener "Abyss Of Darkness" is a great tune, great guitar and a catchy chorus, in general the guitar work is very well done. The next track "Invisible Heroes" another good song, but it seems that a little aggression is needed here, all tracks goes at the same mid-paced speed, so I skip to track 3, 4, 5… same thing… hmmm I'm not liking this… then, at least! Coming at furious speed arrives "The Call", I really had fun with that one! , but then it goes down again… I listened to "The Call" now I can't hear something slower! I need more speed… please there are only 3 songs left, unleash the power! But my prayers are in vain…

So in a nutshell, we have some great songs like "Abyss Of Darkness" and "Invisible Heroes" speedy ones like "The Call" and "Isaac Story (Part I)", but the rest, some are Ok, some are fillers... great guitar work, nice vocals too... nothing special, a pretty Average album I must say. Proceed carefully unless you're a power metal freak.

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003


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