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Band: Delight
Album: Eternity
Release date: October 2002

01. The Hand
02. Stained Glass
03. Requiem
04. Spring Day
05. Whale's Lungs
06. I Promise
07. The Sun
08. Outhereness
09. Wieczny Final

Delight is a gothic metal outfit hailing from Poland, it seems that nowadays Poland has become a infinte source of gothic metal bands... better watch out Finland!

As many other gothic bands, this one is female fronted, and let me tell you that the vocals are simply stunning! Beauty is the word that keeps popping on my mind when i think of Paulina Maslanka, vocalist of Delight.

But wait! Not only the female voice makes this a great record, also we have the little matter of musicianship! And they score high on this too! The songs are really great, and each one is very different from the other, a very diversified album if you ask me.

Some things that may scare some people is the electronic parts that some songs contain, but don't worry! And hear me out! This is not one of those electronic gothic-pop albums! The electronic moments are few, very well used and they fit perfectly in the music

This is a really good album, i really like it as a whole, but if i must choose some songs to listen, i would choose "Stained Glass" , with a really catchy chorus, "Requiem" a slow-paced song, "Spring Day" a killer song! Great use of melodies and keyboards! And "I Promise" the heavier song in the record. As a bonus, the last song "Wieczny Final" is sung in the mother tongue of Delight, Polish.

For all of you fans of high quality gothic metal, get this one, not gothic collection is complete without Delight!

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003



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25.12.2007 - 05:02
Jason W.
Amazing how old this review is and I've just come across it It's really a diverse album, with several parts that, taken alone, would remind one of a different genre of melodic metal. But yes, for the most part it's a gothic metal album, with a big studio sound, an improvement over their previous album, "The Fadling Tale."

"Stained Glass" is probably my favorite song at this point too, but there isn't a track here that is mediocre. Paulina's voice is fragile yet has lots of depth, and the piano and synth parts are consistently satisfying. It seems this is Barbara's last album, which explains the difference on later work. The band goes for a more commercially oriented, though still very enjoyable sound on "Anew" and particularly "Breaking Ground," but I'd say this album is more for metal-oriented gothic music. Glad to see someone else enjoyed this disc
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley
23.01.2008 - 23:28
Lovely album. "Whale's Lungs' is just beautiful enough to make a testosterone driven mule cry.

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