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Divinity Destroyed - Nocturnal Dawn review


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Band: Divinity Destroyed
Album: Nocturnal Dawn
Release date: 2001

01. Void
02. Night Must Fall
03. Red Reflections
04. Smoke And Mirrors
05. The Sleeper Has Awakened
06. Nvndk
07. Forsaken
08. Nocturnal Dawn

I don't do much reviews on American releases, not that I don't like what uncle Sam has to offer us in terms of heaviness, but let's face the facts, Heavy Metal is located in Europe, maybe once in the 80's The United States were the center of attention for many metalheads, but not anymore. Lately, the only thing coming from the States is the infamous Nu-Metal.

So I discovered this New Jersey band in my weekly browsing through the web to discover new bands, they were kind enough to send me a promo of their Cd "Nocturnal Dawn". I didn't know what to expect with this one, I just pushed play and began to listen.

Before I start describing the music itself, let me tell you a funny one, do you know how I'm always saying that why the hell new bands always come with a brand new genre of Metal to describe their music? Well, this young fellas aren't the exception, they describe their music as "World Metal", isn't that…. Hmmm which is the word I'm looking for here… hmm cute?, nah, pretentious? Hmm maybe… nevermind, let's review the first "World Metal" album ever (you've got it here first at Metal Storm don't forget!)… world metal …lol.

Damn! Is this what World Metal sounds, bring on the World Metallers!! This sounds really good! Is like progressive Metal with hints of Trash, Power even some Death! "Void" the opener track, is an instant hit! Vocals are great! The singer, Mark Ward, comes with a very nice style of clear singing, and some harsh vocals too! Nice! "Night Must Fall" is another great song, and so is the rest of the album! But the highpoint of the album is definitively "Nvndk" Killer song! The next one "Forsaken" is also a great mid-paced song, featuring some nice keyboards, courtesy of Ms. Emily Heerema, as a matter of fact, the whole keyboard work in the album is just excellent, nice work there!

I really liked this, real talent is shown here! I hope to hear from them again, I can't wait to hear Divinity Destroyed with the right Label Support and better Production (although this sounds very good). Check this band out, not Everything in America in Nu-crap!

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003


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