Dungortheb - Intended To... review


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Band: Dungortheb
Album: Intended To...
Release date: 2003

01. Twisted Reality
02. Two Faces
03. Fate Of Humanity
04. Place Of Alienation
05. Twilight
06. The Only Rest
07. Illusion
08. Beyond The Darkness

France is the last place I would search for a death Metal band, as a matter of fact, I know only a few bands from the country of love, but the few bands I know are great (like Penumbra and Anorexia Nervosa). Perennial Quest records is a small French label, that I recently discovered because of their excellent new talent Blackout, so, I searched for other releases of this label, and I found Dungortheb, the object of today's review.

Dungortheb are playing Technical Death Metal, in the vein of older Death Metal Glories like Death, Cynic, Pestilence, among others, they play fast and they play loud, just like Death Metal Has to be.

Some nice progressive touches here and there, mostly in the drumming, the riffs are typical death-riffs, nothing new here sadly, the vocals are fine, not too gruffy, not too growly, and if you listen well, you can understand what they're saying ( I hate when I can't understand the lyrics because of the growls)

There are some nice moments though, the opener "Twisted Reality" is a nice riff-driven song, and the follower "Two faces" is also a killer song. Some other highlights are "Twilight" with a nice lead riff, and "Only The Rest" with a nice soloing all through the song.

This band still needs some work, some working in the riffs would be nice, and in the mix, bringing the double bass in the front could give some extra power to the music, enhancing the overall experience. Fans of Technical Death Metal Should check this out.

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003


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