Estuary - Riding The Tides Of Malice review

Band: Estuary
Album: Riding The Tides Of Malice
Release date: September 2002

01. Riding The Tides Of Malice
02. Tragedy Born
03. The Evershielding

Formerly know as Estuary Of Calamity, this quartet from the United States, are playing Death Metal with some Black influences, nothing wrong with that, but millions of bands are playing the same thing, so why should I waste my time in a band that seems to be no different from the rest? Well, I had my reasons, first of all, the singer is a lady named Zdenka, it's always nice to see more girls in Death Metal bands. I was hoping that the popularity of Arch Enemy would encourage more girls to form Death Metal bands. Second, Zdenka is from Cochabamba, Bolivia, so as good South American I had to pay attention to the band of a friend from a neighbor country.

So this is only a 3 song EP, but after listening the 3 songs, I'm craving for more, it starts with the title track 'Riding The Tides Of Malice' a fast song with a really catchy guitar line all through the song. 'Tragedy Born' is, in my opinion, the best song of the EP; it is very well elaborated and the slower parts really give a nice edge to the music. "The Evershielding" is another fast brutal Death Metal attack, really good closer.

This is only a 3 song EP so there's no more much to say, except that this is a really talented band, and I would like to hear a full length of these guys, because, with better production and better packaging, Estuary could make it to the big leagues!

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003


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