Heaven 'N' Hell - Sleeping With The Angels review

Band: Heaven 'N' Hell
Album: Sleeping With The Angels
Release date: 2003

01. Turn Me Around
02. Shy
03. Take My Hand
04. Another Man
05. Two Lost Lonely Souls
06. Gone Like An Angel
07. Almost Done
08. A Cry For Help
09. One Of A Kind
10. Paid All The Dues

When I received this Cd and judging by the artwork, I thought that I was dealing with either a Black or Death metal band, but when I read the info sheet on this one, I was surprised, especially when I read the first paragraph, that I quote here:

"Just out of curiosity, what do you think is going to happen when four guys whose background and taste in music ranges from death metal and hardcore to Sabbath, Zeppelin and blues get together and start cranking out tunes? That's right, they R O C K."

So… hmmm when I placed this one on my record player I didn't know what to expect, Punk? Hardcore? Death Metal? Rock? The sheet also categorized Heaven 'n' Hell like "Heavymetalpunk".

"Turn Me Around" the Cd opener, sounded like a alternative song right out of the 90's, no Heavy Metal Here, No Punk, just typical mainstream commercial music , and Tom Hendriksson has the perfect vocals for this type of music, he could easily sing for some commercial acts as Silverchair, Collective Soul, Candlebox among others.

"Shy" is another hit, great song , catchy chorus, expect it soon on the radio waves, and actually I like this song very much, as a matter of fact, is my favorite song in the entire album. nice.

The rest of the album follow the same path of the after mentioned songs, some killers, some fillers, I won't go and explain every single song, because some are too much alike and this is not Heavy Metal, is Alternative music with Classic Heavy Metal influenced guitars.

So if you want some mainstream heavier Alternative Music with some influences of 80's Heavy Metal (Just listen "One of a Kind"), get this one, but if you are looking for stuff to headbang against the wall, seek elsewhere.

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003


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