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Heol Telwen - Mor Braz [Demo]

01. Mor Braz
02. Dahud
03. Enez Glaz
04. Heol Telwen

This band hails from Breizh (Brittany) , the Celtic region west of France , and they play black metal with a lot of Celtic/folk influences, or as they call themselves Celtic Pagan Metal. So, what is Celtic Pagan Metal? is mainly the black metal that we all know and love with a few extra elements, like Bagpipes, and a Tin Whistle.

This 4 track Mcd starts with the instrumental "Mor Braz" , a really enchanting tune with bagpipes and a nice acoustic guitar, followed by "Dahud" another great track with great arrangements and a cool change of tempo by the second minute of the song. The other two songs follow the same line of the second one.

The use of the Irish tin whistle really gives the band a particular sound, with no need of a keyboard in the mix. The lyrics are sung both in French and English, which gives them another point for originality.

The production is not bad, but could need some work, but since this is just a Mcd , is justifiable. Besides some minor flaws this Mcd offers 21 minutes of fine tunes. Record labels, Pay attention to this band!

Band profile: Heol Telwen
Album: Mor Braz


written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003

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