Never Comes Silence - Red Ocean review

Band: Never Comes Silence
Album: Red Ocean
Release date: April 2002

01. Silent...
02. Raven
03. Flying
04. Well World
05. Red Ocean
06. My Spirit
07. Stargazing
08. Metalheart
09. Spirit Of Bounty

Wow.. violins! When I inserted this Cd in my stereo the first thing I heard was a haunting yet beautiful violin, on that moment, I knew I would love this Cd. [I'm such a sucker when it comes to violins].

Never Comes Silence are a Gothic metal band hailing from Germany, this is their first full length album, and they're good! Let's see, as I said, this is mainly gothic metal but with a lot of atmospheric parts, the violins are an important part of the music and they have a very good female vocalist, sometimes follow by a male singer that grunts/scream.

After the violin intro, "Raven" kicks in with some nice guitars and the beautiful voice of Tanja , accompanied by the male vocals. First problem here, the male vocals are not bad but they're far from great, they're a mix of grunts and screams, and the vocalist doesn't feel very confident with his skills [at least that was the impression that I got].

Besides this minor problem, this record is really great! There are a lot of killing songs here, like "Well World" here Tanja sings really softly, the whole track is really haunting and the acoustic guitar really improve the whole song. "Red Ocean" is another killer track, when the guitar enters followed by the violins [Yes! Violins!] it makes my skin shiver! Next is "My Spirit", a slow song, very nice, very soothing . Tanja sings alone in this song, and that's a good choice, a male vox could have ruin the mood here.

In a nutshell, this "Red Ocean" is Great, the songs are well-arranged and the production is nice too, I would tell the male vocalist to choose between the grunt or the scream, that may improve the quality of the band. Anyway, record labels, check this out because this band is oozing talent!

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003


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